Artillerie (May 2010)

  • Interview by: Ankit Baraskar
  • Date: May 8, 2010

Metalheads, all, we present to you, our Featured Band for the month of May- Artillerie. Need I say any more?

HB: Hey there, guys. How’s it going? Just heard Temple of Zeus, sounds damn tight! How’s the album coming along?

Artillerie: Alvin – Thank you Headbangers.in we are happy that you guys liked the song!. The Album has been finished in terms of production; we are now waiting for some of the other logistical issues to be sorted out and a release date.

Luke – Yeah, we are really looking forward to the album coming out. And as for the album sounding damn tight, we would like to give a huge shout out to all the sleep ridden nights spent by the band and our sound engineer in the studio barely surviving on chicken rolls and coke!

HB: Not only do the songs sound pretty tight, but we’ve heard that you guys have a blog where you seem to be telling a story of sorts…is it in any way related to the themes the songs are narrating?

Artillerie: Luke – You have only heard about it. Not good! Go first read it on www.artillerieblog.worpress.com! Just kidding. This album is indeed very special for us and it is so not just at a musical level but also at an intellectual level. Though originally every song had been written individually and not as a part of a concept. I think that’s what has made the concept so unique now, since in a way the songs themselves have dictated the course of the story, and not the other way round, as it would have been conventionally.

Alvin – So basically we are writing chapters on each song of the Album. As Luke just mentioned, when we wrote the songs they were all dealt with individually , however when we saw the whole thing together, it was going towards a concept album so it made sense to string a story around  to get a larger message of the songs across to people who would be interested in it . This whole exercise has been quite interesting for us and has made us think quite differently as musicians.

HB: Also, how did it feel to be playing with Sylosis, an international prog metal act?

Artillerie: Alvin – It was a pleasant surprise for us to be playing with one of the most upcoming and promising thrash/prog metal band from U.K. It was a fun gig for us as NSIT has always been a good place to play for bands. And yes , SYLOSIS blew everyone away.
HB: Your myspace and facebook influences include “jazz, cheetos, south park, god of war, monica bellucci” amongst several others…but what bands would you say really influenced your sound and the way you play? Sort of like a band for which you’d desperately want to open for?

Artillerie: Alvin – Actually we are serious about our influences that we have stated  Raul and Alvin (Guitars) are big time Cheetos Hunters as it is a dying  product in Delhi . Luke(Vocals) and Raj(Bass) are God of War freaks , we dont know how many times Luke must have finished GoW in one single day and it reflects in our songs !!!  and Punti(Drums) is a straight from the text book Monica Bellucci worshipper.

Luke – Of course other than all of the above, everyone in the band has very varied musical interests which makes up something like a massive “influence pool”! We love a wide range of musicians from Meshuggah to Michael Jackson! And about a band we would like to desperately open for? None right now! We want freaking gigs first!

HB: Can you tell us something of the history behind Artillerie?

Artillerie: Luke – Ah it is a very long story that we rarely like getting into. In short, I am probably the oldest member of the band considering that I was around during its inception as a college band in 2005. It was briefly know as Frozen Flames then. Yeah, cheesy I know! Anyway, I and another college friend of mine called Rajdeep decided to get serious and decided to add new and more serious members to the band, which is where Raul came in. However we disbanded after taking out a single in 2006.

I and Raul however remained in touch and decided to restart the band in 2008, that’s when Alvin and Raj came into the picture. We jammed with Ex- AfterDark drummer Deepak for a while, with whom we recorded our EP New Offensive, before adding Punti to the line-up in early 2009. And the rest is history.
HB: And when the band members aren’t playing, gigging, or recording demos, what are they doing? Or is Artillerie a full time commitment?

Artillerie: Luke – Though we would really like that to be a reality, but unfortunately it is not. Everyone in the band has regular jobs. I work as an English Instructor; Alvin works for the government of India, yeah that’s right! Raul works as an architect; Raj works as a director and graphic designer; and Punti works as a computer engineer. You see all of us are good, respectable, tax paying citizens of the great nation of India J

Alvin – Yeah obviously Artillerie does not pay for our sustainability, so all of us have regular jobs. Other than that we regularly hang out for beer and food as we dont have much of lives anyways.

HB: Tell us more about the metal scene in Delhi, and about the public response to Artillerie. Also, any plans for touring aamchi Mumbai, or further down south? Bangalore/Chennai, for example?

Artillerie: Alvin – The Delhi Metal Scene has certainly grown as compared to last 5-6 years before, there are some great bands here and metal listeners have  been increasing. We have got almost all genres of Metal here so we cannot categorize Delhi into one single sound/genre . We have got good response from Delhi and hope to do better. We have played in Hyderabad and Pune before but we would love to play to new people and new cities….which zones really doesn’t matter as we would love to play in all these places you mentioned.

Luke – Yeah, the Delhi scene has really grown and matured right in front of us. It is almost hard to believe that now, people love listening to original music from different genres, and give due respect to local bands. Though I must say that there is still a long way to go before the Delhi scene, and not just the Delhi scene, but the entire Indian metal scene can truly become self-sustaining and truly globally significant. How much we’d love to see that come about one day?!

HB: We heard the review for your song “Phalanx Of Chaos” was featured in the Rolling Stones magazine. How did that come about?

Artillerie: Alvin – Well, we had forwarded our demo to them and they were interested to review one of our songs in the demo and that’s about it. We really want to thank them for their very encouraging and positive feedback!

HB: So finally, when shall Artillerie equip us with more metal, maybe an album?

Artillerie: Luke – Well the priority right now is to bring the album out, but worry not! Word has it that works are already underway to develop some new gears of destruction for all you eager metal mercenaries. Just you wait!
HB: Thanks a lot guys, any final message you’d like us to pass on to all the metalheads out there?

Artillerie: Alvin/Luke : Thanks a lot Headbangers.in for featuring us and a big thank you to all the metalheads whether you support us or not! Drink beer, eat your vegetables, and listen to your quota of metal everyday to lead a healthy life! For best results listen to our new album when its out. Thank You J