Alien Gods (September 2011)

  • Interview by: Adarsh
  • Date: September 8, 2011

For September,we have Alien Gods, a Blackened Death Metal band from Itanagar. They’ve been doing their aggressive relentless thing for quite a while now, so we thought we’d catch up with them.

HB: Hey guys,how’re you doing? How is the metal scene in the north east?
AG: Hi, about the scene hmmmm… let’s see, we have great audience out here, a good deal of great bands and equally or more of shitty ones too, so how does that add up?

HB: Tell us something about your band,the music and the members.
Alien Gods is the brainchild of Olik Godshredder Boko, formed in 2005. The bands intention was to play death and Black metal but as we grew the sound seems to be taking a totally different direction, now we are just a metal band with growls, screams, grunts, screeches, riffs, solos, double pedals, single pedal, slow tempo, mid tempo, fast tempo, extremely fast tempo and what not.(hahahaha)

HB: How would you describe the music you guys play? And what made you choose this particular style?
We play Metal and nothing else matters. Hehehe.

HB: Now, let’s talk about the north east. A lot of people in the wider spectrum of Indian metal are quite unaware about the bands and the scene there. What do you have to say about that?
I say you are right. There are bands in north east and great amount of music too. Some good, some bad. In a wider spectrum most of the bands are unknown, but many of the best bands from the north east has achieved success in the mainland, so i say it’s just a matter of time that music from this side of the world will have its space in the world.

HB: You guys seem to have a scene of your own,and we barely hear about a NE band playing in say Mumbai or Bangalore. And we definitely don’t hear of a band from here play there. Would you like to see that change? Would you want the scene to merge and become better? Or do you feel it’s better you guys are doing your own thing?
There is no *THING* called ‘doing our own *THING*’ its just that the musicians from this region is a little late catching up,  especially with the *THING* called marketing. Music was never a business here so it stayed that way for some time now. But the *THING *is that *THINGS* are changing now and its will be a great *THING* if great bands come out here and equally great bands from here play outside this *THING *called North East.

HB: Is there a venue/show you would want to play at? Given that that there’s a lot of metal going on in, say Hyderabad,Bangalore and Mumbai?
Alien Gods wants to play every fucking where.

HB: You guys recently released an EP. Tell us something about it. What did it involve as far production and promotion was concerned as well as the whole musicality behind it?

AG: Alien Gods EP ‘Lunar Blackened Death’ is a collection of songs that were composed throughout the bands evolution, so concept wise and music wise each song is different from the other. However all the songs are well taken by our fans so we decided to pack em up and give it to em. We are working on our Debut Album now and that will be a totally different product. We will be more focused on that one.

HB: What next for the band?

AG: Just the usual, rehearse, concerts, album and on an immediate note Alien Gods T shirts coming very soon.

HB: And finally, a word to all the readers out there.
Call us, we will make you wanna bang your heads forever. I’d like to thank the band for their time and hope to catch them live some day. You can check out Alien Gods at http://www.reverbnation.com/aliengods