Aditya Mehta (Exhumation)

  • Interview by: Ankit Baraskar
  • Date: October 4, 2010

For the featured artist of the month this October, we have none other than Aditya Mehta, vocalist for Mumbai brutal death metal band Exhumation. Here he tells us about his views on life, the universe and everything. And beer. And metal, of course. Exclusively on Headbangers India.

HB: Hey Aditya, how’s it going?

Aditya: Hey man, everything’s great!

HB: How long has it been, being a part of the Mumbai metal scene?

Aditya: I’m not sure…I saw my first rock concert (Independence Rock) in ’97, so I guess since then. As a musician, I don’t know.

HB: Was Exhumation your first band, or did you have some other stuff going on?

Aditya: Well, I was in Demonic Resurrection for a year or two. So were Prashant and Yash.

HB: Now this might be a cliche, but since you’re the first guy we’re interviewing from your band, what made you decide to give away your first album ‘Among The Dead’ for free? Not that I’m complaining…

Aditya: See, I don’t buy CDs or pay for music in any way. I download stuff. So it’d be completely wrong to expect people to pay for my stuff, no? In any case, aren’t there enough people in this world trying to squeeze a few hundred bucks out of you?

HB: Exhumation was once a three man band. What made it into a P-man band? Was doing both vocals and bass restricting the sound of the band?

Aditya: LOL WTF are these jokes? Yeah, it was a real bitch singing and playing at the same time. So yeah, we went from three-man-band to P-Man band HAHA  Good one, man… there are very few people who can make me laugh. You should’ve been a hot chick. No, no…I’m not suggesting you undergo surgery :S

HB: You once christened yourself Count Varathora and explicitly declared that you were a ‘satanist’. Considering popular misconceptions about satanism, how serious you are/were about these things, and how do they influence you musically?

Aditya: Oh, I’m still Count Varathora, though some would say ‘discount’ or ‘Cunt Varathora’ . And I’m still a fucking Satanist. I’m dead serious about everything unless I’m joking about it. Musically – See, I’ve said what I had to about god/religion on the first album and now it’s just fucking boring. I don’t even talk about these things unless some religious idiot comes along and strikes up a conversation about these things. Now when I feel like singing about Satan and everything else, there has to be a way of doing it. I can’t dumb things down for the listeners; I’m going to say what I want to, and in a way which makes me feel clever. The thing about Exhumation lyrics is they have to kick my ass first, because if I’m impressed with something, it’s bound to be great.

HB:  Another cliche – how did you get into metal? And why the bass and vocal combination? Tom Araya?

Aditya: Aah, like most other people. GN’R, Nirvana, Iron Maiden…then you get out of school and are in the lowest phase of your life and Metallica becomes your friend and guide, and then Megadeth comes along. Then one fine day, you buy a cassette of Slayer’s Divine Intervention and it makes you feel like a fist is all you need to smash this fucking world. On a related note, I’d love to smoke hash with Tom Araya.

HB: What does Aditya Mehta do when he’s not writing/playing music?

Aditya: Working. When I’m not working, I’m chilling. I enjoy writing about beer… there’s some good imported beer available these days and I’m glad people are discovering a world outside Kingfisher. Since I live alone and don’t have TV, there’s a lot of time for other things. When I’m by myself, I play guitar or listen to some flute/piano music. When I have truly great company, I host beer tastings. Otherwise, it’s movies, music, books and the occasional outing.

HB :We have been hearing about an Exhumation album release in 2010. Any more hints as to when it shall be out? Is it going to be a freebie again?

Aditya: November or December? Depends entirely on when Prashant and I think it’s time to smash this planet again. Yes, it’ll be available for free. If you’re really dying to part with your money, this what you and the rest of the world can do for us: you all owe me a drink, so make it a 500 ml can of Murphy’s Irish Stout. Send Prashant a nicely done paneer tikka and a mocktail, send P-Man any tasty veg/non-veg food OR a high-class hooker (I think he’ll take both). And for Yash…um, forget it, just send me two of those stouts.

HB: Well, as always, last but not the least, your views on the Indian metal scene, and anything else you want to say to the Indian metalheads wanting some more of the br00tal stuff.

Aditya: The Indian metal scene is light years behind the rave culture here in terms of evolution, far less positive, and embarrassingly needy at times. Also, I get bored of bands that play too often. I don’t think there’s any Indian band I’d want to watch more than once in six months. Forget cheesy desis, I didn’t want to watch Iron Maiden the third time they came here. And when I read things like ‘come and support the scene’, I feel like I’m being invited to a charity event, and fuck that, I’d rather be at a jungle/beach rave somewhere. Metal is more than music to me, it’s my favourite thing in the world, more important than beer and sex, but I don’t want to feel like a part of a movement or a scene. All I want is positive vibes, and I’ll naturally gravitate towards where they’re coming strongest from.

HB: Thanks Aditya, keep making ’em mosh and grind!!

Aditya: Thanks, Ankit…for this smashing interview!