Abandoned Agony (June 2010)

  • Interview by: Adarsh Rajagopal
  • Date: June 14, 2010

Bangalore’s brutal death metal band Abandoned Agony have one purpose and one alone – to slay. Brutality reigns in their concerts, their music, and even in their video! Headbangers India catches up with Shreyas Kamat, the band’s drummer, to throw light upon their journey so far…

HB: It has been about 5 years since the band was born, what’s your take on the progress made thus far?

AA: The progress has been ok, it could’ve been better. The many line-up changes and the genre in itself make it hard to progress quickly. But we have reached a steady line-up and with a clear direction to the genre, we have been doing pretty wel

HB: What makes you guys stand out is the fact that you play brutal death as opposed to the regular trend which is djent or core, what do you have to say about that?

AA: Like stated; breaking away from the trend makes us stand out. Also, all of us in the band listen to various genres and individually experiment with these other genres with other bands or projects. But at the end of the day we long to play what we play; brutal/technical death metal or brutal-tech death as we like to call it. This way we bring in a lot of different ideas to the music itself without restricting ourselves to a strict code. As for our performances, we concentrate on tightness and sound (which we work on constantly) as opposed to head-banging in-sync or “stage presence”. So, letting the music do the talking has helped us a lot.

HB: What do you think of the death metal crowd in Bangalore? How are other cities different?

AA: Bangalore has been the metal capital for ages, but most cities are catching up. Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad have some great bands who play death metal and genres alike. But somehow we have always seen Bangalore with the most turn-out (which is changing alarmingly). The crowd here is still as sick as ever though.

HB: You guys released your demo last year, how has the response been to that?

AA: The demo was a home-produced attempt, so our expectations weren’t that high anyways. Apart from the production, our current sound has changed tremendously from the songs on the demo. So, the response to the demo was quite decent, should be better for our next release though. A lot of people didn’t know we existed; the demo helped us change that.

HB: Your second guitarist Kiran split from the band last year, how and why did that happen? Was it something mutual?

AA: It was mutual. Kiran wanted to pursue studies and needed to concentrate more on that than he had previously. So, time was a major constraint for him. It was quite a disheartening departure. He’s starting out another band though, so that should be something to look forward to. Besides, we all still hang out together a lot.

HB: What are the concepts/themes behind the lyrics that you write?

AA: The usual; death, destruction, annihilation and so on. Basically, the darker emotions of the human mind being narrated into actions. We believe that everyone has a sadistic, dark, barbaric side, so our lyrics revolve around putting these thoughts into actual action. There’s a lot of blood and gore in it.

HB: The last one year has seen Agony grow in popularity and the new songs sound kickass, you also have a music video up now, so what’s in store for the fans next?

AA: We plan to record a full-length album next. We are looking at composing 1 or 2 more originals and upgrading our gear. So once that’s done, we’ll be hitting the studios.

HB: Last question, what do you have to say to all the guys out there who crave for brutality?

AA: Listen to death metal, come to our gigs and stay fucking BRUTAL! \m/