• Date:2014-02-09
  • Time:05:30
  • Location: Hotel United 21, Thane
  • Venue: Mumbai
  •  Tickets Rs. 600

Thrashfest sponsored by Transcending Obscurity

After long, the country has its own Thrashfest where, as the name suggests, Thrash Metal bands from around the country and overseas, will assemble to revive this genre which has been extremely close to every Indian metalhead.

Since I’ve always been open-minded, this fest will also accommodate bands that are not completely Thrash Metal but at least have elements of that and Heavy Metal, which is the father of all extreme metal genres. So this is a throwback to our roots, a fest to celebrate it all.

The line-up so far:

Devoid  (Death/Thrash Metal band from Mumbai)
Albatross (Heavy/Thrash Metal band from Mumbai)
Chaos (Thrash Metal band from Kerala)
Threinody  (Old School Thrash Metal legends from Bangalore)
Halahkuh (Death/Thrash Metal band from Pune)
Sceptre (Thrash Metal titan from Mumbai)
Armament (Nasty uptempo Thrash from Kolkata)
Deadbolt (Thrash Metal mongers from Kolkata)
Systemhouse 33 (Experimental Thrash from Mumbai)

Tickets: Rs.600 (Includes free Chaos CD)

Time: 05:30 PM

Hotel United 21
29, Gokul Nagar, Lal Bahadur Shastri Rd,
Azad Nagar, Thane West,
Thane, Maharashtra 400601