Pandemonium II

  • Date:2013-10-27
  • Time:04:00
  • Location: Tryst Music Cafe
  • Venue: New Delhi
  •  ENTRY Rs 300

BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Cacapohony Networks and Transcending Obscurity


1833 AD (Black Metal)
This band has been creating waves around the country with its brand of clean, riff-based Black Metal with amazing melodies and hooks. Its debut album ‘My Dark Symphony’ is one of the country’s best and the band just keeps on getting better.

Music – http://transcendingobscurityindia.bandcamp.com/album/my-dark-symphony

Winter Gate (Death Metal)
Winter Gate is making a special appearance all the way from Jaipur and enthrall the New Delhi audiences once again with its style of classic Death Metal with memorable riffing and fantastic song structures. There is no other band like Winter Gate in the whole country, which says a lot.

Music – http://transcendingobscurityindia.bandcamp.com/album/dis-illumination

Fragarak (Progressive Death Metal)
Fragarak is a multi-faceted beast, one that gets better with more listens. Having toured Mumbai and Bangalore, the band is back in its den, playing its style of complicated and extremely interesting Death Metal with progressive and old school influences.

Music – http://transcendingobscurityindia.bandcamp.com/album/crypts-of-dissimulation

Acrid Semblance (Melodic Death Metal)
This groundbreaking band is making a massive comeback this year and what better way to do it than alongside some of the best acts in the region. Check out the band’s new single here –

Poltergeist (Death Metal)
Poltergeist is a very underrated Death Metal band from New Delhi, trying to make a mark on the national scene. It reeks of promise and it’s a band to watch out for.

Music – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RXTyV0SvGg