Obliteration- Extreme metal show

  • Date:2015-01-25
  • Time:06:00
  • Location: Barrels pub
  • Venue: New Delhi

Organized by Cacaphony Networks and powered by The Incredible Trip. Featuring 4 rising extreme metal bands from New Delhi:

    Playing an eclectic mix of heavy and death metal, the band takes its lyrical inspiration from mystical/prophetic subjects of the Holy Bible, bringing messages that, though scribed thousands of years ago, still hold relevance in the present times of ‘liberal’ decadence.
    Musically, the band takes inspiration from innumerable of genres/sub-genres and bands (both international and Indian), but its best left at each member having his own favourites, own inspirations, and own style (some of them being Decapitated, Despised Icon, Mortification, Cannibal Corpse and of course, Meshuggah). The band did not form to define metal (or music), but to deconstruct it – to imply that even just the sound of the clicking of the keys while this document is being typed can be music.


  • 13 GOD’S BENCH
    13 god’s bench is an Indian Death core band from Delhi, formed in 2010.
    The band’s sound is influenced with many genres. After many changes in the line up, 13 God’s bench is full set to kick asses.
    wait n bleed!


    Guys from different regions, society, community, united by one common interest……METAL…We are a Experimental Groove/Heavy Metal band from Delhi, India


  • VIDHVANSAKVidhvansak is black metal madness inspired by glorious hand of the Devil. We dedicate our work to underground metal psychopaths who proudly represent us. No line up, no interviews, no trends…https://www.facebook.com/vidhvansak666