New Year’s Eve Metal Factory

  • Date:2013-12-31
  • Time:08:00
  • Location: Counter Culture
  • Venue: Bangalore
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For the first time ever, bring in the new year with Heavy Metal. Bring in 2014 with Bangalore’s finest, Inner Sanctum, Theorized, Escher’s Knot, Bevar Sea and The Down Troddence. For once, ditch the DJ’s, come headbang/crowdsurf/mosh and welcome a Heavy Metal New Year.

Line up:

  • Inner Sanctum
  • Bevar Sea
  • Escher’s Knot
  • Theorized
  • The Down Troddence

” Let me do a common math for a metal Show. All are on averages – : Entry Rs 300, 4 Old Monk Shots in a bar [Not a wine shop] Rs 280, 2 Cokes + 1 Water = Rs 70 [at MRP], 1 Peanut Masala Rs 50, 1 Masala Papad Rs 50, 6 Kings Ciggies – Rs 48, 1 Beer that you buy at the venue somehow – Rs 200, Bread Omelette from that cart guy on your way home – Rs 50. TOTAL: Rs 1048. For 5 bands, interesting production, unlimited Food & Booze, which includes Draught beer, you think 2K is expensive?? How about between now and the end of the month you forgo some of your dumb luxuries to get to this gig? You should be quite happy that someone is taking the guts to pull off a metal gig for a new year “. – Guru Somayaji 

More info in the official Facebook event page.