Moshpit 2013- Ahmedabad

  • Date:2013-04-27
  • Location: L&P Hutheesing Centre
  • Venue: Moshpit 2013- Ahmedabad

The bands:

Grimmortal (Mumbai),Cosmic Infusion (Mumbai), Dark Helm (Pune)
Contravene (India) (Ahmedabad), Screams of Insanity (Ahmedabad) and Inertia (Ahmedabad)

Presented by:

Radio City 91.1 FM

Associates and Sponsors:

Icy-pik Frozenfoods, Unplugged Cafe n Grill, Bikanerwala- Nehrunagar, Sharma Music and Heaven’s Music.

For Passes: Contact 8905177387 or 9913464630, or go to Indianstage.in or collect them from Sharma Music, Bikanerwala or Unplugged Cafe.