Metal On Metal Open Air 2013

  • Date:2013-05-04
  • Location: Panchasayar Club, Kolkata
  • Venue: Metal On Metal Open Air 2013- Kolkata

Kolkata does not play host to too many local open air shows, so don’t miss this one organized by the Kolkata Old School Metal Association! Tickets at Rs 50 only!


Gypsy- Previously known as Riyaaz. Hard\Classic Rock in the veins of Deep Purple and Def Leppard. This band is new and needs our support. They have an amazing setlist which will make you remember the 80s.

Dead Veneration- Just Back from their Bangalore Gig, Dis Organised II. People looking for Bolt Thrower, Weapon, Death, please be in the front row. Not scattered in the open ground.

Armament- Along with DV, these guys ruled Bangalore and left the people wanting for more. Armament will be delivering the thrash assault in an open ground. You have ample space for a mosh pit and break your necks.

Mortar- The new lineup, as you have already heard the Motorhead cover. Mortar will be on stage with pure energy and bombardments specially with the Tribute To Canada. Mortar promises you a long setlist consisting of pure thrash assault. Get the circle pits ready.