Metal Assault 2016

  • Date:2016-03-06
  • Time:16:00
  • Location: Vapour Pub and Brewery
  • Venue: Bangalore
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The Maiden edition of the Metal Assault Club festival organized by the Promoters of Bangalore Open Air will host its 1st edition on the 6th of March 2015

This gig will host the top bands from all across the Country, The Legendary Demonic Resurrection from Mumbai, Undying Inc From Delhi, Local Heroes Kryptos, The Down Troddence and Chaos from Gods own Country

Rs. 1000 Entry (Pre Sale with 1 Beer) – Till Feb 10th
Rs. 1250 Entry (Early Bird with 1 Beer) – From Feb 10th to Feb 28th
Rs. 1500 Entry (With 1 Beer) – March 1st till event date

Kryptos was formed in 1998 and has long been considered one of the leading heavy metal bands to emerge from India. Since their creation they have released three albums, ‘Spiral Ascent’ in 2004, ‘The Ark of Gemini’ in 2008 and ‘The Coils of Apollyon’ in 2013 all of which are considered cult classics in the Indian Metal underground.
With influences ranging from Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Thing Lizzy, Accept and Candlemass to Mercyful Fate, Kreator and Coroner, Kryptos channels the spirit of these 80’s metal masters to create a sound that still manages to sound as fresh and vital as it did back in metal’s golden years.

Demonic Resurrection
Demonic Resurrection is a blackened death metal band from Mumbai, India formed in the year 2000. Demonic Resurrection’s current line-up consists of Sahil “The Demonstealer” Makhija on vocals and rhythm guitars, Daniel Rego on lead guitars, Ashwin Shriyan on bass, Virendra “Viru” Kaith on drums and Mephisto on keyboards.
Originally all albums were released under Demonstealer Records till they were signed by Candlelight Records in April 2010 for worldwide distribution.

Undying Inc
Undying Inc are a lethal blend of speed, technique, groove and extreme aggression! Here is music that will make you want to chokehold the world you live in! Defined by relentless riffing intensity, sharp twists, massive breakdowns; rapid time signature changes and fluid gear shifting between poly-rhythms, Undying Inc’s music is a lesson in crushing modern metal combat! In its decade of destruction Undying Inc have 2 full length studio albums(Preface To Erase 2005, Aggressive World Dynasty 2010) 3 EPs (Existence Failure 2004, Evilution Of A Manimal 2009, Ironclad 2014) and various split and compilation appearances (Japan’s Metal Asia 2007, Middle Eastern Mayhem 2013, Metal Hammer’s ‘Planet Metal’ 2010) under their heavyweight belt.

The Down Troddence
TDT has always been noted for its unique blend of conventional Thrash and Groove Metal with a large dose of traditional Kerala folk music elements, art forms such as Theyyam in particular. The band also incorporates a lot of traditional folk sounds and instruments in the form of ambient layers in their music. Rhythm structures used in their songs too are primarily inspired by folk music. Lyrically the band has a strong philosophy of talking about inequalities and injustices which are ever present in India’s social and political systems. A common theme in their music is the effort to project the voice of the under-privileged and down-trodden people.

Chaos is reputed for the loud and heavy music that they’ve been playing since 2005 when they started gigging. Known for their tight and aggressive performances live, the quartet garnered impressive reviews for their debut release, Violent Redemption. The music is fast and frenetic with the aggression not compromising the inspired quality of the musicianship that seeps out of every track. Takes one back to the early 80’s where a few bands were coming together in the Bay Area in San Francisco..

Inner Sanctum

A new decade upon us! Since 2006, Inner Sanctum has been evolving from an underground project band into one of India’s premiere metal outfits and one of Asia’s constant parameters in the thrash and death metal genre. In 2009, Inner Sanctum entered Resonance Studios to record “Provenance”, their highly acclaimed first release! Blessed with a crushing sound, courtesy Lasse Lammert, LSD Studios, Germany and Resonance Studios, 4 tracks of the band’s own characteristic style unleashes rage upon the listener; storming, violent, old school infused metal. This record made its way into various top ten lists for 2009-10 and has more or less pushed the boundaries of metal music in Asia.

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