Entombed Metal Fest- Volume III

  • Date:2013-05-18
  • Location: Hotel Elite Ambience, Wakad
  • Venue: Entombed Metal Fest III- Pune,Maharashtra

ENTRY – Rs 250

After devastating Pune in its two previous editions, EMF is back and is all set to blow your brains out this May!
ATMOSFEAR (Mumbai) www.facebook.com/AtmosfearIndia
Headlining the gig, they are a 3-piece Death Metal act from Mumbai. The band has been around since 2006 / 07. Their songs talk about social evils, corruption, rape, injustice, pollution and environmental degradation and the compositions are influenced by old school, groove and progressive death metal sounds. You have got to see this band live to experience true brutality!

GRIMMORTAL (Mumbai) www.facebook.com/Grimmortal
They are a Deathcore band from Navi Mumbai formed in the summer of 2009. They combine their various influences ranging from Death Metal, Grindcore, Slam Death and Hardcore thereby resulting in heavy, neck-breaking headbanging and some major mosh. This will be their first gig in Pune since their recently record ‘Execrating Normality’ which’ll be available at the gig.

STARK DENIAL (Mumbai) www.facebook.com/starkdenial
This band is one of the few Black metal acts in the country. This will be their second time in Pune after playing at Metalclysm back in 2011. They are currently working on their debut EP that is scheduled to release real soon.

CHAOSKAMPF (Pune) www.facebook.com/chaoskampf
With crisp melodic riffage, intricate drum patterns and aggressive vocals, the music does not pretend to take you on any dramatic rides or introduce you to the overtly disturbed-childhood syndrome, instead only a sincere attempt at making the listeners enjoy the onslaught of pure fucking metal. Started in 2011, the band is working on its third single “Dimensions” which will be followed by their EP.

GAIA’S THRONE (Pune) www.facebook.com/GaiasThrone
This new Sci-Fi metal band has elements of hard rock/heavy metal and western classical influenced lead guitar playing, thus making our sound a mash of progressive-neoclassical-hard rock. The lyrics are based on our concept and story. A story set in the distant future with a Science fiction backdrop which includes Aliens, Rebels and a Higher order species of mankind!

ADAMANTIUM (Pune) www.facebook.com/amtmtheband
AMTM is a Metalcore/Post-Hardcore band from Pune, formed in September 2008. The name of the band is inspired by the cult video game, Final Fantasy, and signifies the band’s indestructible love for Metal. The band members continue to work on their originals and are determined to emulate the success of their greatest influences.