Wacken Open Air 2013- Updates from the field

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Wacken Open Air 2013 seems to have been quite an eventful one so far. With Headbangers India writers Madhav Ravindranath and Manaswi Gundi being present as press at the event, we bring you updates from the field, as and when they happen.

Gojira live at WOA
Gojira live at WOA

Emperor to reunite:

One of the most exciting announcements at WOA 2013 has been that of Emperor reuniting. The Black metal greats will make a comeback next year, and will headline Wacken Open Air 2014. The meet and greet with Ihsahn at this year’s event became a meet and greet with Emperor, and was followed by an announcement about the band’s return, thrilling fans from around the world.

Crimson Shadows wins Metal Battle

Crimson Shadows
Crimson Shadows with Madhav Ravindranath

Devoid, winners of Wacken Metal Battle, India, lost out to Crimson Shadows from Canada, who were declared winners this year. Devoid made it past the first round, and put up a pretty good show as well.

Lemmy in trouble?

All’s not well in the Motorhead camp. The band came on stage and played only 4 songs- a set that lasted for approximately 30 minutes only. Lemmy looked unfit when on stage, and seemed to be shivering too.  This was not only disappointing for us fans, but also turned out to be a little frightening later when an ambulance trail arrived at the event, escorted by police cars, for Lemmy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong and that the fighter in him brings him back to normal soon.

Rammstein to call it quits?

Rammestein live at WOA
Rammstein live at WOA

As always, Rammstein put up a “mind-blasting” show at WOA 2013, but this seemed to be followed by rumours making the rounds about it being the band’s last live performance. Are they planning to retire or disband? We hope not! At least not before they visit India at least once! More on this as we hear it.

Tom Angelripper
Madhav with Tom Angelripper from Sodom

Watch this space for more updates from Wacken Open Air as they happen.

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