Undying Inc part ways with frontman

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Delhi based Undying Inc have parted ways with their frontman Shashank Bhatnagar. Said the band in their official statement on Facebook “Undying Inc announces the departure of vocalist Shashank Bhatnagar from its current line up due to personal & musical differences. The band has been in a dormant state sorting out issues in the line up for a while now and are relieved to set course for an unhindered future full of musical possibilities in the coming year. Changes in the line-up are nothing new to the band, the core objective and mission still remain the same. So for the second time this year, we wish to ask our fans to stand by us and assure them that Undying Inc will continue to evolve and grow into the beast it is meant to be and we will continue writing new material for the upcoming record! Forever stronger than all!”

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