Thai black metal musician stabbed to death, murderer releases eerie confession on social media

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Avaejee, well-known in the Asia Pacific region as the vocalist/bass player for Thai black metal veteran band Surrender of Divinity and guitar player of Zygoatsis, was found stabbed to death at his home in Bangkok, Thailand on January 10th 2014. He was 36 years old. Surrender Of Divinity and Zygoatsis released statements via social media confirming his death. Later that night, a Facebook post by a man calling himself ‘Malificent Meditation’ showed up wherein he claimed to be the murderer. This is the translation in English (provided by a source in Thailand):

***This is status updated from the murderer who killed Avaejee of Surrender Of Divinity*** (Translated version for all overseas friends)


Just had no many thing of reason why I murdered, I intend to commit suicide as I am 25 years old, It’s a matter that I’ll die certainly. So, I want to drag together a 1-2 corpses of those who lead attitude of Satanism to stain! And the true Satan answered me to agreed (I am who did meditation everyday 30-60 minutes and gazing in the mirror 30-60 minutes included) but I refrain to kill his wife and his kids, Atleast, to made him know that ‘Satan’ is not a toys that you can play anywhere and hail upon stage by without the true faith. If you didn’t true believe in Satan and no religions but take Satan to be ‘symbol’ to blaspheme another religions then you can call yourself to be anything, don’t fucking call yourself ‘Satanic’ and also said ‘don’t believe in Satan but I believe in myself’ SHIT!… Poser to blame all another religions which the true Satanist will not blame another religions like a bullshit because of my view is Buddha, Christian, Muslim that believe in their own way, I think they rather be respect more than posers that call oneself ‘Satanist’ but without any fucking knowledge. It seems like a trendy children and I believe for sure that if I didn’t kill, someday he’ll be killed by Buddhist, Christian or Muslim certainly.

This muder by first time, I intend to kill around 20-30 corpses but since inconvenience and I am only one who plan to kill So, I decided to kill as enough as possible and the news posted wrongly that I am the fan of Surrender Of Divinity, I’d like to say nowadays I’m not the fan of this shit band anymore and don’t take this case to be with ‘John Lennon’ murder, fucking different…and fucking polices marks this murder is came from drinking and drunk, I’d like to say it’s not true because of I INTEND TO KILL HIM ESPECIALLY. I hided my knife into a jacket and sham to bring my t-shirt for painting by his wife and try him to join drinking. That’s set up my way to wait he unguarded and came to a night.

I mudered fucking Avaejee, stabbed by a knife which a news posted wrong that I stabbed 3 times but the truth is stabbed 30 times for sure and didn’t behead from behind, I confront him, bring a knife to multiple stabbed his front of neck, no slash nor wipe, stabbed every lesions and watching him scrabble, clamber like a dog and raised a hands asking life. He said ‘NO’ it’s breath without voice with splattered blood out follow his speak but I stabbed again at his neck and his skull again and again (sometime knife is deep in skull and hard to pull off) I just wonder that murder people by knife is got a flavor, exciting, feeling more than shooting by gun. When I finished, I’m back to did meditation at the rent hotel easilly and for sure…I’M NOT SORRY WHAT I DID!

All his friends or his family maybe cursing me now but I thought this death is suitable for the poser like him already. Above all, Lord Satan is not a toys, If you haven’t true believe, don’t call oneself to be Satanist!!!!! I’m not person like brutal, cool, gangster louder but silence, cold blood, savagery…I have it certainly

My life after death is no saying anymore unless I wish I can be in the land of devil and spend a time after death to do meditation continually regardless of 10 years 100 years or 1000 years on my way.

Don’t comment or like this status, I only just want to inform a little bit and thanks for reading. Wish everyone whoever read this, be faith on own way by no fool oneself, doing what you must, see you again if we can live in the same dimension after death


From all of us at Headbangers India and everyone in the Indian metal scene, we extend our deepest condolences to Avaejee’s wife, children, bandmates and friends. It is an eerie and tragic incident and we wish for swift and severe punishment to be delivered to the killer.

  • alfred

    Those who play TRUE BLACK METAL are damaged souls as are those that truly understand BLACK METAL,to me this comes as no surprise.Why doesn’t it happen more often?Most BM is FALSE as are most “fans” of BM,mostly scene kids,elitist assholes,well rounded metalheads ,ETC it’s fine,I don’t give two fukks about those who don’t understand BM and never will ( 95% of so called “fans” ) be thankful you don’t get it.TRUE BLACK METAL is SCENE-LESS,it’s NO FUN,it’s ISOLATION,it audible suicide,it has no love,it’s meant to be heard ALONE it’s meant to fukk you up

    • BruceBeardsley

      Sounds like you could use a hug.

      • Bukk Rogers

        Also sounds like he’s 12 years old.

    • Charvisioku

      They say killers come back to the scene of the crime.
      Jus’ sayin’….

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