Slain celebrates a heavy metal Christmas

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You can watch the video here:

Their last official music video for “Your Majesty” just stumbled into 35,000 views on YouTube. So they decided to do something special for Christmas by releasing this video. You might think- “Heavy metal band and singing gloria?” Well, whatever said and done, it’s a job well done!

Watch as Slain & their surprisingly willing choir (the Choral Riff) cram both vocal excellence and a dizzying display of dramatic dance moves, into a crazy little music video that screams “Physics is so last year!”

The band says in their press release- “Honestly though, ‘Sing Gloria Tonight’ is just the best way we could think of wishing everyone Merry Christmas!
We’ve updated our website at www.slainandbeyond.com, you can head over there and read our new rant on how bands are taking themselves less seriously these days, we know you’ll love it!
… we hope your holiday season and New Year are filled with incredible music!”

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