RUDRA release new single from upcoming album

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Singaporean pioneers of Vedic Metal Rudra have released a new single and unleashed the artwork for their eighth studio album – Enemy of Duality.

Post the success of the ‘Brahmavidya’ trilogy, the band has taken their time in releasing the new single ‘Slay The Demons Of Duality.’ Frontman Kathir says, “The single ‘Slay The Demons Of Duality’ was inspired by a verse from the Mandukya Karika. The verse in Sanskrit was chanted in the beginning and towards the end of the song. It is about how we are afraid of evil, demons, satan etc., In fact, many belief systems create a duality between good and evil. In this song, we present the very duality to be demons. Upon inquiry, these demons of duality are found to be purely notional”.

The new album features traditional classical South-Asian instruments such as the sitar, tabla, didgeridoo (ancient wind instrument) among others while transcending deeper into the realm of ancient Indian mythology.

‘Enemy of Duality’ will be released on Transcending Obscurity Records. Pre-orders have already begun.

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