Randy Blythe has an ’emotional problem’ says Psychologist

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It’s been close to two years since the 19 year old fan died at the Lamb of God gig in Prague, and the trial is still on. As metal fans around the world sit tense for band frontman Randy Blythe, who was accussed of manslaughter, the trial continues, and recently took a new turn.

Court-appointed criminal psychologist, Tereza Soukupova said that Blythe demonstrated problems controlling his emotions. She said these features “were not deep” and that he was not mentally ill, but that he doesn’t take enough responsibility for his own actions, sometimes “crossing social norms.” She pointed to when Blythe was fined for speeding and urinating in public when he was younger.

Defense appointed criminal psychiatrist Alena Gayova said Blythe didn’t display any permanent “socially promiscuous” behavioral patterns. Even when in jail, when aggressive/anti-social behavior might be understandable, Gayova said Blythe showed normal results. She added he was not “overly aggressive.”

Eye witness Anna Rozsivalova who stood close to the stage that night, described the audience as being crazy. She said victim Daniel N. attempted to climb the barrier to get onto the stage, but as he was pulling himself up, Blythe lifted him by the shoulders and pushed him off with two hands, from the front. She said Daniel N. fell backwards, and people moved away to avoid being hit.

The second eye witness, Jan Moravec, supposedly didn’t say much at all.Third witness security guard Jan Cernansky, who was not in the concert hall, but at the door, said he saw Daniel N. walking out with 2 other people, one of whom told him Daniel N. had fallen from the stage. They said they needed to go out for fresh air. Cernansky said an ambulance arrived 5-10 minutes later.

Here’s a news clip from one of the previous sittings of the trial, to give you a clearer idea about what exactly happened:

A three judge panel in the Czech Republic said it could deliver a verdict by tomorrow in the manslaughter trial of Richmond rocker Randy Blythe.

Though it is sad that the 19 year old Daniel N. lost his life after that gig, a true metalhead would know how crazy concerts can get, and that it is wrong to convict Randy for doing what he did. Headbangers India hopes for the best for Randy, and we really wish the next time we bring news your way, it’s going to be something to rejoice about. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, and hope that Randy gets back on stage, as soon as possible, and does what he does best.

News source: http://wtvr.com/