Putrid Ascendancy presents Ritual Ascension

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Ritual Ascension Festival, the first gig of its own kind to be held at Panchasayar Club, Kolkata, on 4th August, 2012, is a revelation of demiurgic insight of cult of Putrid Ascendancy, A Kolkata based Metal Circle, takes its unconsecrated shape through several ritualistic congregations and an excruciating desire to hail ‘True Fucking Metal’ in its true spirit. Drawing the enormous nostalgic inspirations from the 80s bay area gig movements and scene, RAF is how metal should be celebrated, by its true followers and die hard maniacs, Despising gimmicks, crushing all passing trends, mutilating everything Metal is not at all about. Ritual Ascension Fest is true brotherhood gig, A small demonstration of how Metal should be hailed in a city that is infamous for endorsing enough pseudo metal successfully to young metalheads and misleading them incessantly. The objective of Putrid Ascendancy always has been to put an end to the misrepresentation and bastardization of Metal that feasted on ignorant city poseurs relentlessly and Ritual Ascension Fest will be one of the means to spread true message or right awareness to Metalheads of Kolkata that is often mocked as ‘Corekata’ for its hideously deformed scene and lack of quality metalheads. Ritual Ascension Fest will uphold the true flag of ‘Real’ Kolkata Metal Scene and serve you the best Extreme Metal bands the city has to offer. The fest will also see the rise of many new bands that are formed mostly in late 2011. This new tide of Kolkata true Metal Renaissance seems like the best thing ever to happen to Kolkata Metal Scene. With enormous appreciation and astonishing support from Metal Fraternity RAF seems like a new positive dimension unfolded in front of Metalheads in Kolkata who will not be force-fed and misled anymore.

Line Up

Purgation – Brutal death Metal
Necrodeity – Old School Death Metal
Dead Veneration – Death Metal
Mortar – Thrash Metal
Armament – Thrash/Black Metal
Strangulate – Goregrind
10MxAx – Noise/Grind


The gig is set to take place on the 4th of August at Xrong Place in Kolkota.

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