Norway’s Inferno Metal Festival comes to India

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Rock Street Journal and VH1 India announced the inaugural Indian edition of the well-known Inferno Metal Festival that takes place every year in Norway. The announcement, which was made on January 20th, named New Delhi and Bangalore as the 2 cities to play host to the festival. Headlining this 2-day festival will be Norwegian death metal band Obliteration and thrash metal band Nekromantheon. The Indian contingent will comprise of Undying Inc, Devoid, Inner Sanctum and Theorized. The festival is to take place on the 15th and 16th of February in New Delhi and Bangalore respectively.

India has been associated with Inferno in the past with bands like Demonic Resurrection, Scribe, Undying Inc and Zygnema having played in its Norwegian edition in the past. This year too, Kryptos have secured a spot at the festival. This is the 2nd major international festival coming to Indian shores after Bangalore Open Air’s direct support from Wacken. Stay tuned for more updates!


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