The International Connection – The Result

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After the laborious counting of votes and getting permissions, the Headbangers India- Indian Metal Compilation CD is on its way to France, carrying with it the music that the world needs to hear!

The final bands that made it to The Indian Metal Compilation are:

01. Kryptos – Descension
02. Bhayanak Maut – PICA
03. Myndsnare – Layers of Hypocrisy
04. Pin Drop Violence – Hard Decisions
05. Demonic Resurrection – Frozen Portrait
06. Extinct Reflections – Recognize Analyze
07. III Sovereign – Everlasting Burn
08. Heretic – Reprise
09. Joint Family – Juggernaut
10. Slain – Angel In The Sky

Headbangers India thanks all the bands for their cooperation, Demonstealer Records, Roadcrew Records, our families and everyone who has supported the website and of course, the Indian metal scene.

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