Radio City Freedom Awards, 2015

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The history of music is peppered with incidents of artistes freeing themselves from the clutches of oblivion to break out into the mainstream. One can cite many artistes across genres that are examples of this. Every country that has had a major artiste that was responsible for the popularity of a particular genre or a style of music inadvertently owes it to its respective Indie scene. India, therefore, isn’t an exception.

For almost 5 decades, independent musicians from India have released music that transcended the boundaries of language and genre. Some of these artistes also went on to find worldwide fame as a result of sheer perseverance and honing their respective crafts. Names like Pentagram, Parikrama, Kryptos, Devoid, Demonic Resurrection, Indian Ocean etc. come to mind. While most genres languished in the shroud of restricted exposure, there was hardly anybody interested in anything that wasn’t being sold by a record label or was not being hammered into your brain by the gargantuan marketing machines of ruling media houses. The genre that suffered the most, and still does, was Metal.

Metal and India were barely synonymous in the 70s. Any trace of metal could only be found in Vinyls and cassette tapes, and for an Indian Metal artiste to exist was a laughable idea. However, over the last two decades, India has seen some noteworthy metal acts like Bhayanak Maut, Demonic Resurrection, Devoid, Zygnema, Providence, Undying Inc., Inner Sanctum, Kryptos, Wired Anxiety, Primitiv etc. While there have been commendable efforts to honour metal in India, there hasn’t been an awarding platform that keeps metal at the same pedestal as other genres. Enter Radio City Freedom Awards, 2015. With two successful editions successfully executed, Radio City Freedom Awards is an ideal platform to celebrate the essence of ‘Indie-pendent’ music.  Radio City Freedom Awards invites entries from Indian artists across the globe in 11 categories viz. Best Hip-Hop Rap Artist, Best Folk Fusion Artist, Best Pop Artist, Best Rock, Best Metal, Best Electronica Artist, Best Video, Best Album Art. ‘Best Young Indie Artist/Band’, ‘Best Indie Collaboration of the year’ and ‘Indie Genius- Person of the year.


We believe that this is a wonderful opportunity for all the metal bands out there (and also the non-metal artistes) to showcase their released work and be recognized for it! Last Year’s Winners of the ‘Best Metal Artist’ category were Mumbai based Progressive Metal / Experimental outfit ‘Symphony Novel’.

Entries are now open & Radio City invites all the independent artists to submit their compositions on www.planetradiocity.com/rcfa. Post a successful event in Delhi last year, the celebrations & award night would be concluded in the City of dreams, Mumbai in the end February 2016. This season RCFA rejoices music and art with ‘Music and Beyond’ by showcasing spoken word artists in a special segment in the grand finale.

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