Workshop issues new album update

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Demonstealer, frontman of Indian Humor Metal band Workshop (also DemonicResurrection) has just checked in from Demonic Studios where the band iscurrently recording their currently untitled 2nd full length album due forrelease on Demonstealer Records in June/July. The band is now out with a recording blog, which they call ‘Stupidity in the Studio’.
“We’ve got 9 songs for the album and I’ve completed tracking my guitarparts which took all of 3 days and we’ll be starting to record the rest ofthe band soon. While recording the 9 songs I also spontaneously recorded 2bonus tracks which we will release exclusively for fans who buy our box set.The songs on this album are very different from what we did on Khooni Murgaand even the production will be more organic, yet powerful and ballsy.”

Check out the band’s Youtube channel here.

Watch the first episode of ‘Stupidity in the Studio’ here.


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