Winners: Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2011

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Here are the list of winners for the (very controversial) Rolling Stone Metal Awards that took place on the 19th of June in Mumbai:

Best Metal Keyboardist– Jonathan (Slain)
Best Metal Bassist- Rohit Bhattacharya (Guillotine)
Best Metal Drummer- Yuvraj Sengupta (Undying Inc.)
Best Metal Vocalist- Shashank Bhatnagar (Undying Inc.)
Best Album Artwork– ‘Engravings’ (IAFWAY)
Best Metal Guitarist– Prashant Shah (Exhumation)

Popular Choice Awards:

Best Metal Song– “Theories of Lies and Negation” (Zygnema)
Best Metal Album– ‘A gods lie’ (Devoid)
Best Metal Band- Zygnema

Critics Choice Awards:

Best Metal Song– “23” (Noiseware)
Best Metal Album– ‘Aggressive World Dynasty’ (Undying Inc.)
Best Metal Band– Bhayanak Maut

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  • Adarsh

    Since when did metal become filmfare? :s

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