Vinay Quits Bhayanak Maut

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Vinay Venkatesh
Picture © Subhramani.S

Yes, the rumours are true. Vinay Venkatesh, vocalist of Bhayanak Maut, has just announced that he will be leaving the band.

This is the update from the ‘Guttural Twins’ blog, which carries a message from Vinay:

Yup, I’m going. 7 years and 2 deaf ears.
What will I miss about being with the superbly-awesome and fantasmo Bhayanak Maut?

Let me list the top 10 :
– Live gigs!
– Food!
– Alcohol!
– Fanboys who kiss your hand!
– 4 hour “Taboo” sessions!
– Greg and Sebastian!
– Getting your picture taken by an over-excited teenager!
– Jamming in Jordan Vegas’ jam room
– The BM guys
– Growling

Thank you all for making me feel so good. I’m humbled by your love.
God bless.

Bhayanak Maut have earned themselves a signature sound thanks to Vinay over the years. There is no doubt that he has been one of the best vocalists that Indian metal has seen so far. We wish you good luck for whatever you’re going to do next.

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