Unseen Underground listening party for new Thurisaz album

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Belgium based Atmospheric Doom/ Death / Black metal band Thurisaz is releasing their 3rd album “The Cimmerian Years” worldwide on 21st May 2011 through Sleaszy Rider Records from Greece. The band’s official Publicity Partner from Asia Pacific- Unseen Underground is organizing a listening party on the 21st May. During the event, audio tracks from Thurisaz’s first and second albums and the entire new album would be played along with some of their videos. The event will also feature Escher’sKnot‘s latest EP “Tessellations”.

Venue: Geoffrey’s Pub, Hotel Radha Regent
Date: 21st May 2011 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm onwards
Free entry
Standard club rules are applicable
RSVP here.

For more details of the event visit here.

Thurisaz already has two successful albums which sold more than 6500copies each throughout Europe and America. The first album “Scent of a Dream” and the second album “Circadian Rhythm” are more of Atmospheric Black and Death but the sound of the new album is slightly different from the previous two albums, featuring more doom metal elements.

Thurisaz has been always appreciated by people around the globe because oftheir highly sensible and philosophical lyrics and the atmospheric melodieswhich are used brilliantly in the songs. Music lovers, irrespective of anygenres love this band, they define a unique sound from rest of the otherbands in the world.

For more details about the band visit the Unseen Underground website.

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