Tribute to the Beast III

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Vincent Pereira was a local Mumbai boy, born on May 26th 1985. He was known for his Gratefulness, Modesty and Musicianship. Till date Vincent is still recognized as a true friend by every musician in Mumbai. He was fondly known as “The Beast” by all. He was a prime member of Prakalp and played a major role in the band as he kept pushing his band members constantly to be different, in their playing patterns and genre, which no other band had done before. They were the first “Hindi metal band”. He also played with bands like Atmosfear (Death metal), Primal Rage (Thrash metal), Spiked Crib (Black metal) and also was a part of a Gospel rock band. He was, and still is a true inspiration to the youth and is a reason why so many of us want to pick up the bass.

Vince passed away on 22nd October 2007 at a very young age of 22. His death sent a huge wave of shock amongst all the musicians in Mumbai. One can only wonder what all he could have done if he was still with us. However short he had led his life, he lived it to the fullest. And to celebrate his life, his undying spirit, that should be alive in every musician, we planned to do a concert as a tribute to him called “Tribute To The Beast”.

The show was organized the first year on 8th Nov – 2008 at Bayview in Borivali, Mumbai and had an amazing turnout of about 350 people. The bands that played that night were Spiked Crib, Zygnema, Demonic Resurrection, Atmosfear, Devoid and Blakc. A video put up by the ITN channel on that event can be viewed here.

We had to do the event on the 16th of January 2010 on the second year as we had issues in October 2009. And we once again were overwhelmed with the response that we got from the crowd that night. Again more than 350 people showed up to pay tribute to him, with a lot of them clicking pictures and uploading videos on youtube, facebook etc. The bands that played that night were Infernal Wrath, Abraxas, Zygnema, Devoid, Atmosfear and Spiked Crib.

Thanks to all the people who have supported our cause selflessly and made it worthwhile, it is you people who drive us to do this every year. Keeping the spirit of the Tribute gig alive, this year we plan to make it much bigger and better for the people to have the best of this event. This Year we are making the show into a two day event with one Rock Night and a Metal Night, and will be held at the best underground venue in town – B69 at Andheri. Per day entry pass will be for 150 Rs. and dual day pass is for Rs. 200.

Like Vince once said “The show must go on”.

4th February 2011:



Goddess Gagged

The Hoodwink Circle

Summerpint Junkie

5th February- 2011:


Abandoned Agony



Spiked Crib

Venue: B69, Andheri (E), Mumbai

Time: 6:30 PM Onwards upto 11 PM

Price: Rs 150 for one day Pass, Rs 200 for dual day pass.

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