Testament and Slayer for Rock in India?

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TestamentYeah, you read that right. Is it confirmed or not, we’re yet to know. But as of now, we’ve seen the tweet on Testament’s official Twitter page.

To quote, this is what the tweet says:

“Testament confirmed for Rock In India Fest – Bangalore w/ Slayer on 10/30/10: http://www.rockinindia.com

1:24 PM Jun 3rd via web”

The official Rock in India website still has pictures of the Backstreet Boys, but here’s hoping we’ll see some killer metal news on it soon!It sounds totally unbelievable, but let’s keep everything crossed and hope that its true!

Check the link, and see for yourself here:


More updates here, so watch this space.

  • What the hell man!!!I'll be in Singapore!!AGAIN!!!!I hate such KLPDs!!!

    Anyway,I would have been there mostly for Testament.

  • ROT

    HOLY SHIT THIS IS INSANE m/ slayer & testament m/

  • ROT

    HOLY SHIT THIS IS INSANE m/ slayer & testament m/ in BANGALORE , INDIA

  • Dasharathy

    Holy fuck this is absolute madness!! m/ Bangalore rules!!! m/

  • jeevan

    wow!! gonna be killer!! hope it wil b as gud as lamb of god !!!!!! m/

  • saurabh zutshi


  • Bhrigs

    Ha ha ha ha. phuccing lovely!

  • dennis

    why the fuck cant they come to Bombay!!!! b'lore fuckin sucks!!! bombay ppl owned the mosh at lamb of god!!!

  • XEn

    m/m/ ….Die By the sword…. m/m/

    Hell yea…. just cant believe this….

  • deepak

    omfg at last some good news

    was really pissed when heard thatthe main spotlight would be on " back street boys"

  • Fuckkk!!! Awesome news in a long time from Rock In India.. Hope its a success!!! m/etal reigns..!!

  • Girish

    OMFG!!But nothing less could help Rock In India redeem themselves!!Our prayers are finally answered.It's fucking true!!GOD LISTENS TO SLAYER!!! m/


    Its going to be raining blood … GOd hates us alllllllllllll !!!!!!

  • Fuckin slayer… m// …insane man!!!

  • @Dennis

    If you think Bangalore sucks then don't come to Bangalore asswipe. Stay in your filthy city.

    And Bombay people 'owned the mosh' at LOG? Is that all you Mumbaiites know to do? Mosh? Do you really think you people are somehow better than people who don't mosh? You losers moshed for Iron Maiden ffs. Just goes to show what dolts you people are.

    Anyway it's quite typical of people like you and other 'metalheads' from Mumbai. A negative musical I.Q and a whole lot of nothing in your heads.

    • Kevin

      Hey Dennis North just sucks men those people all are Bolly woods. Ask them go watch some salman Khans Movie. They are just Jealous bout Bangalore.. Main stream fuckas

  • dennis


    right, so if you stand still at a slayer concert they're gonna love it right?

    dude your a fag if you think metal isn't about moshing and fucking losing it. you think Bombay's just that? you've not lived here so you don't know it. Bombay people have been coming to B'lore almost all the time for gigs. if you ever got your ass to Bombay for a show you'd know what a real concert is like. I saw how the B'lore crowd reacted to LOG. standing in one place bobbing their heads like drunks with horns raised up. get some fucking aggression out man. you want a peaceful metal gig. go buy a DVD of it and watch it at home with your friends. there were people from Shillong and Pune in the mosh than B'lore folks. so don't blame us if your so weak (pun intended).

    we gave you pain at "Lamb of God" and we'll give you more pain at "Testament and Slayer". ,,/

  • ''We gave you pain at LOG''???

    Seriously who do you think you are? Clint Eastwood? Shut the fuck up.

    And you'll show me what a real concert is like in Mumbai? Yeah I was there for the Maiden gig in Mumbai. It was filled with the cheapest assholes imaginable. People moshing for Trooper (wtf?) and some people even calling Bruce Dickinson a 'behenchod' during Rime of The Ancient Mariner. Not to mention the women being abused by your 'macho' metalheads. How fucking classy.

    There's a reason all gigs happen in Bangalore you ignorant fuck. The entertainment taxes in Bangalore are WAY lower than Mumbai. You want to blame someone, go blame your stupid government. Don't whine about my city kid.

    The reason why Bangaloreans aren't apes like you people is because we go to gigs to really appreciate the band and their music instead of running around and beating each other up like neanderthals who think they're so 'METCHULLL'.

    Grow up and get a brain.

    P.S: If you're so 'tough' I dare you to say shit about Bangalore to a Bangalorean's face. You'll see how 'weak' we are then.

  • John

    haha 😀 i love these online fights 😛 very metal guys, VERY

    @ slayer in India, hell yea,, if this keeps up, I'll move to Bangalore, I will!

  • Bangalorean


    you aryan!!!!

    All you people from bombay say one thing very often here in bangalore, bombay rocks ! no one said no! but dont brag about it…it may be better, but bangalore will always have the uphand in music so dont crib. If you want to see slayer you have step in bangalore, dont be a mental be a metal head.

    A Bangalorean

  • Dinakar


  • born2bwild1

    I am from pune and i would want most of the gigs to happen in mumbai rather than Bangalore as its nearer. But frankly speaking with the entertainment tax so high and mumbai turnouts being sad…….its better that these kind of gigs happen in bangalore(thats where i did my college from).

    LOG was a gr8 gig bcoz of the turnout…….i dunt think in mumbai there would have been so much turnout……..but yes Indian Metal scene is best in mumbai!!

    As for moshing and not moshing its personal choice!! (as to people who are proud of moshing there are lots of them who don't know what moshing is…….as they use their elbows and boots…..mother fuckers!!)

  • ROT

    y r all of u dickheads worried where the gig happens y cant u come wherever the bands comes & plays. people who complain r the ones who r lazy & don have the ballz to get out of their goddamn homes or rooms. jus come wherever the fukin concert happnens. i am ready 2 go to jammu kasmir or Rajasthan if my fav band comes. SO JUS SHUT THE FUK UP & COME & don keep sayin come here & come ther.

  • its confirmed!

  • born2bwild1

    Link pls…….!!!! I want to see it on their official sites!!

  • I dont see it in their official site. I doubt SLAYER will come n If they do will be there in SOUTH OF HEAVEN m/

  • @ born2bwild1:

    Please note- The link is in the article. Scroll up, and you'll see.

  • dennis

    @ Morpeus

    hahaha i love how you people just say shit like 'grow up and get a brain' n what not… comes to show how fucking narcissistic you really are… well my words were silenced when the Pune guy showed up…

    and FYI we already know why B'lore gets all the gigs. go try outsmart a kid with your so called "classy" mature metal brain rather than feed it to me. i put up an argument. to which, you could have been the "mature" guy and stopped. but you didn't.

    and also my friend, i do tell B'lore people that B'lore sucks. and you know what? they fucking agree. so you can go eat "POO". mature enough for you?

    thank you and goodnight.

  • I saw Testement in last May in Manil Philippines along with Lamb Of God

  • @Dennis

    Your words were silenced when the Pune guy showed up? You're joking right? You people are from the same state. There's no difference between any of you jokers.

    Yeah and the people from Bangalore who 'apparently' say Bangalore sucks are either wankers who are from somewhere else or douchebags who have been living here for a little while and making a mess themselves. It's no secret that Bangalore has been ruined by jerks like you who come and squat here.

    Funnily enough I've known people who've lived in Mumbai all their lives and who also admit that most of the metal scene consists of posers and trendy kids.

    Keep your precious Mumbai 'metal scene'. It's a joke filled with people and bands who have no clue about music. The only things you guys know to do is act tough by moshing or try to be cool by wearing some broootal tshirts. You people have zero appreciation for the finer aspects of music.

    Bangalore has always had the best bands, the best music and some of the most decent people around. On the other hand all you jokers come from the North and make a nuisance of yourselves here instead of just being peaceful.

    That's a fact.

  • Crashtestdummygirl

    HAHAHAHAH , omg you bombay wankers, wont you ever stop crying sour grapes and go back to watching beyonce at your city? Right from when i can remember, every single gig happening has a bunch of you guys cribbing and weeping about bangalore being lousy. who do you think started the "MC, BC" shit during the maiden gig, it wasnt us for sure . Second Morpheus, every indian band interviewed has vouched for the fact that bangalore has the most tolerant, well informed and all in all awesome crowd.(the northie imports dont count)

    Meanwhile, i hope you continue to come visit our amazing city and watch more metal gigs and shove that opinion of yours down you know what.


  • @Crashtestdummygirl – You got it spot on.

    Seriously it really annoys me when people from outside Bangalore come here and say our city sucks. Sure it isn't perfect but it's not like you dopes come from some sort of utopia.

    On top of that instead of being grateful that at least one major city in Bangalore has low entertainment taxes (namely Bangalore) so that you can watch your favourite bands, all you people know to do is crib and crib and crib.

    If it wasn't for the initiative of two local Bangaloreans, LOG wouldn't have even come to India not to mention DNA who have brought Maiden and Megadeth and are now bringing Testament and Slayer. Why don't you Mumbai losers take some initiative yourselves and get bands down to your city? Only thing you people know to do is complain like spoilt brats.

    Really awful attitude.

  • john samuel

    wow Mumbai people listen to metal……………….. hahahah dumbfucks moshin to maiden… tooo goood … live in peace u mumbai chaps come to bangalore and enjoy a good show , metal forever..

    p.s ill piss on mumbai

  • Crashtestdummygirl


    Exactly 🙂 i still remember that pushing-shoving nightmare that was the maiden gig , people would have got killed there.apparently the in-house metal expert claims it isnt heavy metal if there is no "aggression" .what a joker

  • Crashtestdummygirl

    Oh and guess what, we got kryptos touring europe -Eat that!

  • Pratik

    Bang lore and get a life!

  • Vaibhav Kumar

    I have been living in mumbai for the past 14years, but i do agree with morpheus that bangalore has been and always be the place for true metal and major gigs like maiden and lambofgod. But i do not agree that bombay sucks. They have a great indian metal scene out here. Tho some of the best metal bands in the country come from the south. I don't care as long as im with Metal and no matter which city or country it comes from. FUCK THIS. HAIL METAL m/

  • ReturnToSerenity


    Mumbai has DR touring Europe. What's your point?

    And all you people, stop generalizing. It doesn't fucking matter where the music comes from, as long as its good. Nor does it matter whether the bands come to Bangalore, or Mumbai, or Vijaywada Gaon for fuck's sake. Fans like me will come down and watch in any case. Granted it's more profitable to hold the show in Bangalore due to tax reasons(Credit: Morpheus) Get your heads out of your asses. Regional imperialism. Now I've seen everything.

  • ^^^DR just played one show in Norway. They didn't tour.

    But I agree with what you said. True fans will travel wherever and whenever to watch the bands they love. True, it shouldn't matter where the music is coming from as long as it's geood music. Unfortunately there are ignorant douches like Dennis that just make my blood boil from time to time.

  • born2bwild1

    Whats Regional Imperialism? Its sad but thats how we(Indians!!) are, always seperated by regions and beliefs and bloody Roots!!

    More pathetic is this thread where we should unite in enjoying this moment of history for all metal fans in india…….and look what we are quarreling about!!

  • I expected this kinda shit talks as soon as I saw Dennis's comment.

  • Mod here,it's time to shut down the discussion.


    Dennis and Morpheus


  • Bhanuj

    Jeez, Dennis and Morpheus, will you shut the fuck up? Both cities have a decent music scene, I've been to amazing and disappointing gigs in both cities, and though I live in Mumbai, I really like Bangalore despite the asshole rickshaw drivers and fucking ridiculous curfew. Nobody cares for your 'My e-dick is bigger than yours' argument.

    Oh by the way, Iron Maiden in Mumbai had a pretty sad crowd, but the turnout for LoG in Bangalore was pathetic. 5k at best, and full of testosterone laden idiots with lead blocks for brains. The crowd at a big enough metal gig will have its share of retards no matter what city it is in, because metal attracts pseudo-macho poseurs who love to prove that they're true metalheads. Your regional chauvinism is regressive and retarded (And Bangaloreans really need to get their heads out of their asses. 'Northie imports'? Some of the best people around? I've seen some of the most 'brootal' tr00 n3cro grim type retards walking around in Bangalore, so you can take that attitude and stick it up your racist asses. As for the mumbai metal scene, that died with Razz).

  • akshaya

    joins in with popcorn and pepsi

    *carry on guys you all are so metchul*

  • sohail

    I can't believe you pussies are whining about Slayer coming to Bangalore… Its Slayer!!! you bitches… I could sell my liver to get there…

  • ROT

    @ sohail fuk yea man fuk yeaa & don bother typing here all 2 losers & retartds

  • Ashwin Chinchkhede

    i had visited Bangalore just once and that too for the LOG gig.. i must say that the scene in Bangalore is pretty good and i had a great time out there..

    But discriminating other city or other people who are not locals is wrong..

    Every city has a distinct flavour.. Mumbai too is rocking..

    And its just too sad to see poeple fighting over to show their supremacy..

  • Kiran Shetty

    Thank god I grew out of metal music

  • @kiran:dudette nobody grows out of metal..the fact is that u were nvr really into metal…just like the kids in Delhi..bunch of trendy show offs, ummm.. lets groove to metal..it's kewl..brootal. Out of topic, these days I dont go to the local gigs in coz of thez retards. I dont know bout Mumbai, B'lore..coz I went there only for Maiden, megadeth concerts.A significant portion of the crowds were uncivilised retards in both places.I dint bother to know their regionality. BTW, I dnt belong to any of the city/region mentioned in my post 😀 … chill

  • Ok guys, cut the crap. We should all just be happy that bands like Slayer and Testament are visiting our country, and to a city that's accessible for all of us. About the Mumbai-Bangalore discrimination… It's just mindless, so wrap it up.

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  • Watha omale thevidya pasangale! Chennai is the best, screw you all! 😀

    Testament and Slayer are coming to India and you guys are having a fucking civil war?! What the hell is wrong with you guys!!

  • akshaya



    its but obvious for people from delhi to think that crowd from banglore and mumbai is uncivilized

    and we all know why is that

  • ZEPM/

    ammta hukka na mona testament pakayaooooooooooooo!!!!!!



  • You people don't really get my point. What I'm basically trying to say is that a majority of the people from the north who attend shows in Bangalore always tend to screw up the experience for the rest of the audience. I've been to many gigs in Bangalore (non international) and they've been some of the best I've been to since no matter where I stood I could enjoy the show. Not the case when an international band comes down.

    I will also continue to say Bangalore has the best music scene because a majority of people involved from bands to the audience are 'musically cultured' as well as generally well mannered. This is in stark contrast to people from Mumbai and Delhi where you find some of the most uncouth people at metal gigs who are just there to be seen or to prove how METCHUL they are.

    You people might find it petty (regional imperialism ha) but it's one of the reasons why people into metal in our country are regarded as 'abnormal' or 'violent'. Unless these people change their attitude serious music lovers like myself and many others will never be able to enjoy a gig in peace.

  • Mayhem…

    We have a dedicated Big place in Bangalore for metal concerts called palace grounds.. Unlike Mumbai where concerts happens just next to slums.. I never wanted to complain about the metal scene anywhere in india but the.. FACT: People like shakira, beyonce best suits mumbai.. and you guys have proved it.. and who the fuck started talking about Moshing.. Lemme just make this clear we(everyone in the crowd) started the fcking circles in Lamb of god.. and don't dare to make claims in concerts!!! Cheap suckers.. Enjoy the mindfcking music.. and stop complaining and acting like artards!! Whoever claims they are the best crowd come with a banner.. We'll see.. and We have Space.. You whiny fucks!!

  • ireaction


    dude..I dint mean to generalise…only a section..indecent foul mouthed variety. and NWDMH(New Wave of Delhi Metal Heads)= if you cant mosh,it aint metchul..LMAO..BROOTAL bhangra kids 😛


    I still dont see the tour confirmd it their sites! :S

  • ROT

    @ ireaction it confirmend on TESTAMENTS myspace http://www.myspace.com/testamentlegions

    go c

  • Visi

    God!! why are most bands that come here past their prime? Megadeth? Slayer? Testament? Even Backstreet Boys? I guess Except for LOG and Maiden to an extent most have them are past their prime..

    Rock In India Sucks!

    I'd rather go to GIR : Enslaved, Satyricon, Freak Kitchen!!

    Anyways, something's better than nothing!!!

  • Neo


    You can groove to Rajnikanth songs,eat some Idli-Sambhar and put some tilak on your head.

    Haha just kidding.

    I'm just fucking happy that Slayer's coming down to Bangalore!Brutal!

  • @Visi

    Testament past their prime?

    Have you been living in a cave? Testament are in the best shape of their careers. The last album killed and they're as good live now as they've ever been.

    Megadeth past their prime? Have you even heard Endgame? THE most thrash-tastic album released by anyone in a long time.

    If anything LOG are past their prime with their boring, monotonous drivel.

  • Roy

    Man , slayer coming down to bangalore is the biggest fucking thing , that any one can imagine

    these guys rule thrash metal !!!

    bangalore deserves Slayer

    banglore Crowd rocks in everthing – sex , drugs rock and roll !!!!

  • yea …slayer in india….stay sick stay metal…

  • Kush


    Testament and Megadeth are not past their prime. I saw them together in March this year. Testament was awesome. And, I enjoyed Megadeth a lot more this time than I did when I saw them in Bangalore.


    was it really so important to bad mouth Bangalore?


    Its funny how this kind of internet fights come up whenever a big metal comes over to our country. Can't we all just be happy that Slayer and Testament might come to out country and start saving up for the concert?

    I am from Mumbai but all my relatives live in Bangalore(and Mysore). Bangalore is a great city for gigs because of taxes as pointed out earlier and Palace Grounds is a nice venue. But its stupid to say Mumbai doesn't have good metal fans. I met so many people from Mumbai in Bangalore in the Maiden and Megadeth concerts. I am not sure if all the so called "real metal" fans from Bangalore would pay up for a trip to another city to watch a concert.

  • Adarsh

    @ Visi,I second Morpeheus,Testament's Formation of Damnation was the best Thrash release of 2009,Endgame was only 2nd. And Slayer?!!? they're just as great as ever now,they can raise hell anywhere in the world,they just choose to do it in B'lore for a change. And for all who bad mouth B'lore,this is THE PLACE where it all started,Iron Maiden,Megadeth,Textures,Amon Amarth,LOG,and now Slayer and Testament,the slums of Mumbai aren't quite as good a place for hosting a Metal gig,that's for sure. And Delhi guys you just gotta accept that the nation's political capital isn't quite the Metal Capital. Leave that to us,we're better at it.

  • varun seth

    god listens to slayer's exile ….plz come to bangalore every motherfucker here deserves to listen to you..

  • Well I personally would like to disagree with one Rob Zombie who said 'you'll never hear a metal fan say-I was into Slayer for like,one season'.I WAS.I've found Slayer extremely monotonous ever since.Their only glorious albums for me are 'South of Heaven' and 'Seasons in the Abyss'.At least those go beyond just low-end,recycled tremolo drones.

    There are far more talented thrash metal bands out there for me.Testament being one of them.Chuck Billy has THE MOST badass metal vocal tone EVER.The perfect combination of heavy and melodious.I would have loved to see them live in October but it'll be bang in the middle of my semester in Singapore.

    And yes,being a Delhi boy myself,I am quite ashamed of the crowd where people come purely to beat up other people in a 'mosh pit'.I am not a mosher myself and I consider myself slightly more educated about metal than most people from here.

    I also believe that like many other things in India,mosh pits donot meet international standards.

  • Neo,The one

    Its only Testament.No Slayer for India.Look at Slayer's official website slayer.net.On 30th october they are performing in California I guess.

  • ^^^Even better. Slayer would be embarassed by Testament. Slayer are a shadow of their former selves while anyone who's seen Testament live recently will agree that they're an absolute raging beast on stage. No matter what they play they're going to positively CRUSH.

  • Neo,The one

    They're playing at Long Beach,CA with Megadeth.


    I haven't really heard much of Testament,can you suggest me some good songs?5-10 would be fine.

  • ROT

    @ neo DUDE THEY have given dates till September ONLY that california date is in august . 8 is august for october it vil b 10. hehehe count the months properly lol

  • Neo,The one

    Fuck man Im losing it!!Thought october was the 8th month!!FUCK!!!


  • @ Neo: Listen to Henchmen Ride,Over the Wall,Into the Pit,The Evil Has Landed,D.N.R,Alone in the Dark,First Strike is Deadly.That's a good start.

  • ^^^What kind of a lame list is that?

    THIS is a definitive Testament list

    Over the wall

    Apocalyptic City


    The new order

    Disciples Of the watch

    Sins of omission

    Trial by fire

    Practice what you preach

    The legacy

    Souls of black

    Electric crown

    The preacher

    Hail Mary

    Dog faced gods

    etc etc etc

    Bascially the first 3 albums are absolutely essential

  • First Strike Is DEADLY!! m/

    And Morpheus, first 3 albums are essential but so is Demonic and The Gathering, where they got that perfect mix of death and thrash metal, thats just awesome. Atleast personally for me. Chuck sounds like a friggin' monster on those records!

  • I agree about The Gathering but Demonic is probably their weakest album IMO. It didn't have the songwriting quality of the other albums.

  • I agree on the first 3 being essential bit. Due to sentimental reasons, I want them to play a song or two from Low and probably include only one song from The Ritual. That being Return To Serenity.

  • @ Morpheus:

    So you and I don't like the same songs.That doesn't make mine a lame list.In fact,you're trying enforce your opinion on the guy whereas I was opening up their discography to him so he could decide for himself what is lame or not.

  • ^^The reason I said it was a lame list was because you sounded like someone who downloaded a bunch of random mp3s from the net.

    Henchmen Ride and The Evil has landed? Seriously? Good songs but hardly anywhere close to their best. In fact they aren't even the best on that particular album.

    That's hardly what I would call 'opening up their discography'.

  • Well I haven't gone through their discography as many times as you probably have but I stick by my suggestions as those are the songs I like.No matter how much you may want to think or prove otherwise,you're doing the same thing.

  • gautam

    strange country, stranger people…..fighting amongst each other..great!! keep it up!!m/

  • ^^^Thanks Gautam. Please visit http://www.prisonsex.com

  • @Ishaan – What I meant was you openly admitted to not knowing enough of their discography and yet you recommend songs that barely scratch the surface of this great band.

    It's akin to a guy asking for Metallica reccos and a newbie tells him to listen to Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, St. Anger, Frantic, Memory Remains etc

    It's bound to annoy REAL Metallica fans because they know that it's bullshit.

    If you don't know enough about something, don't say anything. Simple.

  • saurabh zutshi

    @Neo,The one says

    Slayer is playing at Long Beach on AUGUST 30th, not OCTOBER 30th. So still a good chance for indian gig.

  • Rajnikanth

    Lamb of God?? Puke inducing.

    Morpheus is a moron. Go back listening to Nirvana you donkey balls.

  • vikingdash

    Whoever badmouthed Bangalore, should just shut the fuck up and shove it deep . There's only one place for Metal in India and that's BANGALORE !! As far as delhi and mumbai are concerned, well , grapes are sour . Shakira and gay rappers are as far as they've gotten. (At least mumbai got maiden). Pure fucking metal is meant to stay in Bangalore m/ m/


  • varun seth

    i just don't want any disappointments………..all i want is to see them playing in front of me ….if slayer and megadeath has said this then it also implies on them so be ready to come and rock in India we want some good metal memories in our head not backstreet boys…

    "I'm feeling great and anxious to get back on the road."

    — Slayer

    "If you missed us playing with our

    friends Slayer back in the 90s, well, here's your chance to make it up

    …to yourself. If you miss it this time, well then you ain't metal


    — Megadeth Dave Mustaine

    "We've been sitting home for six months…I can't remember the last time

    I wanted to tour so bad."

    — Slayer's Kerry King

  • @ vikingdash:

    Delhi has had Enslaved (which was the 1st international metal act in India BTW), Freak Kitchen,Sahg,Anterior,Detonation,Satyricon AND Sepultura.MUCH FURTHER away from gay rappers than you think.Do your studies before answering a paper.

  • vikingdash

    @Ishaan Kumar

    Lets compare shall we ?

    Delhi – Freak Kitchen,Sahg,Anterior,Detonation,Satyricon, Sepultura.

    Bangalore – Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Textures, Lamb of God , Deep Purple, scorpions, The rolling stones, ( pink floyd minus dave gilmour ) ,

    Slayer and Testament in october 2010.

    there's no way in hell delhi could beat this list , although i sincerely hope our capital keeps trying !

  • Can we end this shit please?

  • you all are buncha mofos being regionalist… get a mind asswipes you all are indians and all states are the same , you guys are such retards fighting over the state u stay in, its gonna be in india and be happy for that not saying why b'lore or delhi mumbai is better than b'lore or shit :/

  • you all are buncha mofos being regionalist… get a mind asswipes you all are indians and all cities are the same , you guys are such retards fighting over the city u stay in, its gonna be in india and be happy for that not saying why b'lore is shit or delhi , mumbai is better than b'lore or shit :/

  • I clear case of my cock is bigger than your cock.

    Sad indeed this looks like the comments section on blabbermouth.

  • I meant to say 'A clear case'

  • Les shocker


  • Shreyas

    @ Demonstealer : Oh, well put man. I had a load of laughs reading that one!


    Its cool that many bands play shows at Bangalore. It would've been nice to see some action in Mumbai as well. These frequent trips to B'lore take a toll on peoples pockets. Still , India is India , and Metal is Metal. I hope to see a "Wacken" like tent-camp set-up in India someday.

    Even though everything else fails , im glad IIT-B Mood Indigo delivers each year.. that is my most sought after show !

  • I agree that its one country and all,my only problem is that people from Bangalore just continuously write off other cities as useless and parade around as if they are doing a massive favour to other Indians by having gigs organized at their cities and that's not true.New Delhi brought the bands I mentioned,Mumbai SAW Iron Maiden,Ensiferum and Pain of Salvation perform,Opeth was called to Chennai etc.I don't want to engage in this whole 'my cock is bigger than yours' mud-BOFORing as Sahil so eloquently put it,but I request people from Bangalore to stop behaving like they are Alexander the Great incarnates.

  • You people sound like the ones who forward emails to 10029 people or they think their dick will shrink. WTF?

    How the fuck does it make a difference to Delhi or any other part of India if some lame mother fucker talks shit about that place on a website? Nobody is doing anyone a favour. Did DNA or Venkat Vardhan say that he is having gigs in Bangalore because he loves the place and wants to do other cities a favour?


  • Soulfly

    @ Ishaan Kumar

    So you were in to slayer for one season? And your top albums of slayer are seasons and south of heaven? And oh shit!! u wud miss the show cos you have exams in SINGAPORE. U din mention the degree that u r doing in SINGAPORE? Hows SINGAPORE? Hows the weather there?

    I dont know if I wud be able to make to the slayer concert. My parents wont allow.

  • Vishnu

    Hahaha look at you bickering babies! Why even give a shit whether Testament are coming down to B'lore or Mumbai or wherever the fuck? They are coming down to INDIA. FOR THE FIRST TIME. Now THERE'S something to feel proud about.

    And about this whole Bangalore-Mumbai war.. You find poseurs everywhere so that's nothing to argue about.. And most of them aren't even posers, they are just n00bz who have just recently had their first taste of metal and do whatever they can in their limits to live it out.. See, there's a difference.

    And about moshing.. The amount you mosh is NOT directly proportional to how metal you are, I'm sorry to say. Being an avid mosher myself, I do it because it's fun and not because it's cool.

    Now let's bury this shit once and for all, cause TESTAMENT IN INDIA!! LAWLZ!!!!!1 😛

  • @ Soulfly: Is that a genuine set of questions or are yo mocking me?Yes I was into Slayer for one season.And no,I don't have to give exams.The concert is smack in the middle of my semester.I'm doing an MFA in Animation and Digital Arts.The weather is hot.

  • Vitashu

    DNA are making jaycee return to the stage how amazing is that woooooo hoooooo i cant wait for slayer hope they play

  • Imagine if this is payback. DNA gets all the metal heads to Bangalore and the moment Testament is due to hit the stage the PA cracks and someone announces 'Ladies and Gentleman You Boycotted them at the last Rock in India, but get what? Backstreets Back Alright'


    Hhahahahahaha oh that would be so fucking priceless 😀

  • hahaha
    n hey demonstealer, congrats 4 ur recent success
    keepn indian metal alive n matchn international standards!!!
    metal all da wayyyy \m/ 🙂

  • ^^ Thanks a ton man 🙂

  • darshan

    is slayer comin or jus ruomor

  • Shravan

    Testament is confirmed. Check their facebook page

  • saurabh zutshi


  • darshan

    fellas is slayer coming or not am getting freaked out by the rumours plz gimme the ryt info…

  • abhisawant


    @ The Demonstealer …. first of all…. congrats dude for the recent success! m/ m/

    and the fest is done! aint gonna happen …. atleast slayer is not there.

    but the good news is Slayer is coming to aamchi Mumbai next year

    Dave Lombardo confirmed it

    watch the video till the end for it

    • nakul

      Dude, i saw the video, but on the Slayer site there is no mention of the tour dates :/

  • vishnu das

    there's nothing on slayer's about India ..!!

  • maXsteel

    @demonstealer….well said man \m/

    @ all … its like americans hate terrorists…indians hate each other !!try loving ur music n stay true to ur roots rather dan jus being regioinist fucktards!!rock in russia,rock in rio all started wen da country was going thru shIt…its doesnt matter wot plac it is…as long its headcrushyn pure fuckyn upURass metal!! MUSIC IS ONE FOR EVERYONE !! STAY METAL N HAV FUN IN DA PROCESS !!

  • Shruti

    ok …i missed the lamb of god concert and maiden concert in india( all my friends went though) and now i am in noo fucking mood to understand why slayer’s not coming to india………..

  • darshan

    hey guys i wanna know like, what would be the cost of a ticket for testament and when would u think the tickets will be issued

    • Kevin

      LOL Dude. forget bout the ticket dud it will cost some where around 1500. Max 2Grands

  • Shaitaan

    Are you seriously a fucked up asshole or are you just acting like one?

    The gig is canceled you blind fuck!!

  • @Shruti – You is the dumb

    @Darshan – Shruti is the single

  • Stitchedbrain

    Ow Fuck! Testament concert really cancelled? Somebody please update

  • Kevin

    You Sick Bastrd`s why the fuck u guys r fyting….If ur a True Metal Lover U will surely go to any city and enjoy the show. And stop cribbing about things.

  • Kevin

    Guys can some one update posy in this link with the date when the Testiment and Slayer Touring to India please????????????????????

  • Kevin

    @Morpeus A new Salmans Movie go realased go watch them

  • Kevin

    LOL India is expecting Testment and slayer by end of this year but there is no where mention that its coming to indai LOL……….. Sorry for the sad news but i have just checked in the website not 100% sure though

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