Shortlisted bands for Wacken Metal Battle India announced!

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Metal Battle IndiaOut of the 96-odd entries received, the 16 shortlisted bands for the Wacken Metal Battle India have finally been announced.
The list is as follows:
Silver Tears
Dark Carnage
Insane Prophecy
Silent Existence
Rabbit is Rich
IIIrd Sovereign
Inner Sanctum
ec{c}entric pendulum
Bhayanak Maut
Elevation Dynamics
Goddess Gagged

These four bands have been selected from each of the four zones to compete in the first round of performances at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Guwahati starting the 7th of November. Post this, 2 bands will be selected from each of the four zones and will play the National finals in Bangalore on the 12th of December, 2010. The band that wins the National Finals will represent India at the Wacken Metal Battle in Germany in August 2011.
  • rounak

    What are the dates for performances at performances at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Guwahati? Will it be a public show?

  • Delhi – Double Decker – 7th November
    West Zone – Mumbai – B69 Bajao – 21st November
    South Zone – Bangalore – Kyra – 11th December
    East Zone – Guwahati – Shilpgram – 26th November

  • scream_demon

    wtf!!…wers demonic ressurection??

  • @Scream Demon:
    Bands that are signed on to record labels (excluding indie labels) aren’t allowed to participate. DR and Kryptos, for example, fall under this category.

  • scream_demon

    okay…but dats a really fucked up rule!

  • Not really. Those bands have played at international festivals earlier, and are likely to get more of those opportunities. This is an opening for the rest, which is almost 90% of our scene.

  • scream_demon

    though it is true that DR n Kryptos have played international concerts but Wacken is a whole other level.

  • Demonstealer

    @Scream Demon – We’d never play a battle stage at Wacken or anywhere else. When we play Wacken (which will happen soon I hope) we’ll play one of the regular stages.

    Plus we are signed to a major metal label Candlelight Records so no battling anywhere šŸ˜›

    • scream_demon

      @demonstealer….looks lyk i was a bit confused….neways DR is awsome shit!!\m/,,,wen u guys coming 2 blore??

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