Sea Rock 2009

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BITS PILANI is holding its rock competition on its Goa campus, called Sea Rock 2009. The event is being sponsored by www.ibibo.com. For the event, ibibo.com is providing your band space to create a band profile on their website, where you can also upload your music, and interact with other musicians and fans from across the country. Votes for the most popular band online will also be taken.

About the competition, entries for participation must be sent in by the 18th of October. The event takes place from the 6th to the 8th of November 2009. The rock show will be headlined by Parikrama and Slain.
And it doesn’t end there. The winning band (of the competition, that is) will get a recording contract and Rs.80,000.

More about the contract is given below:

1. Xion will provide 150 hrs of free recording to winning band.

2. Xion will award paid contract to the winning band to compose music for Documentary/ Short Films/ etc. (subjected to scrutiny)

3. Xion releases DVD’s of the top 10 songs every quarter. These DVD’s are distributed in various college events across the country

4. The winning band will get a wild card entry in the top 10 songs

5. Winning band will get a paid contract to perform at various Events/Shows under Xion flagship

Other general rules for the competition are:

• 15 bands will be selected for the elimination round based strictly upon their entries

• 5 bands will be selected for the final round based on their performance in the elimination round

• Elimination round scores will not carry over to finals.

• Bands can have a maximum of 8 performing members.

• A standard 5 piece drum kit, cymbals (ZBT choke, crash and ride) and a single bass pedal will be provided.

• Bands will also have to register on the spot on 7th November latest by 1200 hours. The time slot for the elimination round will be allotted to the band by a lucky draw at the time of on the spot registration on first come first serve basis.

• All the bands will have to submit a print out of their ibibo profile pages at the time of registration

• Accommodation will be provided to all performing band members

• No alcohol, cigarettes or drugs of any kind are allowed on campus or to be used during performance.

• The organizers are not responsible for any loss or theft of belongings

• During the performance, bands can only refer to their ibibo page for publicity purposes and shall refrain from mentioning references to any other website. Non compliance can lead to disqualification

• Any kind of misbehaviour with the organizers/judges will lead to disqualification

• The organizers/judges are the final authority on any decisions and cannot be questioned

You can follow it up here:

For any other queries, you can contact:
Arvind +919833558752
Pulkit   +919923600221

Sea Rock 2009 doesn’t only look highly attractive, and sounds like one hell of an opportunity for upcoming bands, but also is it in Goa! Sure sounds like one big party!

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