Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2011

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The Rolling Stone Metal Awards are back (already) for 2011. Metal bands from around the country have been invited to send in their entries by the 15th of April.

Here are a few basic rules participation rules:

– Bands can send in only one entry per category.- Bands with more than one eligible band member in certain categories, eg. two guitarists, can send in joint entries.- All entries will be adjudged on songs and albums that have been released in the period of May 1st, 2010 to March 31st, 2011.- For Best Metal Band and Best Metal Album categories, albums have to be sent in physical format to Rolling Stone India and bands with online albums can email the album to [email protected]

The categories for the awards are:

Best Metal Band

Best Metal Album

Best Metal Song

Best Metal Vocalist

Best Metal Guitarist

Best Metal Bassist

Best Metal Drummer

Best Metal Keyboardist

Best Metal Album Artwork

Download the form and check for more details on the official website.

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