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A city which placed a ban on live music, with rock bands being equated to the performers in dance bars, is now host to 168 hours of non-stop rock music. Virgin Mobile is giving a world record a shot by organizing the 24×7 Rockathon in Bengaluru (a.k.a Bangalore). This grand event begins on the 25th of May at the Planet M store on Brigade Road.

This one-of-a-kind 168 hour non-stop jamming will be the longest non-stop concert across the country.
It will have performances by an amalgamation of artists from all genres of music, language, solo and group, instrumental or unplugged. The bands and artists will be given extensive media coverage. The entire event will be streamed live from beginning to end on the website:

The recorded music is planned to be put in a Time Capsule (implanted at Planet M) along with participant and audience messages and this will be opened after 10 years!
Concert 168 will be in support of the hearing impaired – “Live the Music”- another thing that has never been done before in India. Children from a Hearing Impaired institution will be brought in to participate as audience and also as the Guests of Honour. They will be seated on thrones of music speakers to convey the ‘feel the music factor’.

Each band has been given a performance time of one hour each. However, each band will play more than once, according to the slots that have been allotted to each of them. Check the website for schedules.

The 24 x 7 Rockathon is a mammoth event, but once accomplished will prove that Indian rock music is not something to fool around with. It will also serve as shut-your-trap material for all those who try to stop live music.

Go ahead, show your support and participate in whichever way you can!

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