Rock in India website HACKED!

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What happens when a large scale rock/ metal fest decides to bring down pop boy-band The Backstreet Boys? The angry metalhead retaliates. And how!

As revenge, the official Rock in India website has been hacked. Yes, hacked. It has been re-named as something else, with abuses all over the homepage. Therefore, http://www.rockinindia.com/ is currently in maintenance mode.

DNA, which will be bringing down the boy band and Richard Marx for the next edition of “Rock” in India, has turned off a whole lot of music lovers. Not only do we consider it the end of what we thought was the beginning of the recognition of metal, but also is it sheer disrespect to bands like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Machinehead, who’ve played at earlier editions of the same festival. People regard it as a thing of embarrassment for the Indian metal scene, and “a national WTF moment” for the country’s rock and metal music lovers.

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