Opeth Tickets Out

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Just about a week before the actual concert, Opeth tickets are going on sale. Priced at Rs.500 and Rs.1000, they will be available online here. Joining the Swedish troupe on stage will be Demonic Resurrection from Mumbai and Motherjane from Banglalore/Kerala (this will be before the concert, of course).Decibel – the rock competition, will be held a day prior to the grand finale of Saarang 2009. So if you are booking your tickets to Chennai, you can make arrangements to be there on both days. For those who arent interested in Opeth, there is always Sonu Nigam \m/The concert will happen in the open air theater of IIT Chennai and is expected to last for atleast an hour and a half (keep your fingers crossed that the show timings are not shortened due to whatever college fest reasons). Lets also keep our fingers crossed that we dont melt in the black t-shirts.

PS: Please make sure you bring along a valid identification card for the concert, as you may have to produce it along with the ticket at the entrance.

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