Nominations For Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2010

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Nominations for Rolling Stones Metal Awards 2010 are out! See if you can find your favourites here.

Best Metal Band

Bhayanak Maut
Demonic Resurrection
Infernal Wrath
Inner Sanctum

Best Metal Album

Another Vertigo Rush – Murphy’s Law
Bhayanak Maut – Bhayanak Maut
Demonic Resurrection – Return to Darkness
Inner Sanctum – Provenance
Scribe – Mark of Teja

Best Metal Song

IIIrd Sovereign – “Sarcophaga”
Bhayanak Maut – “Ungentle”
Demonic Resurrection – “The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance”
Inner Sanctum – “Quarantine”
Scribe – “DemonPra”

Best Metal Vocalist

Bhayanak Maut – Vinay Venkatest, Sunnieth Revankar
Blind Image – David Simon
Guillotine – Karan Nambiar
Inner Sanctum – Gaurav Basu
Scribe – Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy

Best Metal Guitarist

Bhayanak Maut – Aditya Gopinath, R. Venkatraman
Demonic Resurrection – Sahil Makhija
Inner Sanctum – Chintan Chinappa
Scribe – Prashant Shah
Slain – Bryden Lewis

Best Metal Bassist

Infernal Wrath – Vian Fernandez
Inner Sanctum – Abhishek Michael
Scribe – Srinivas Sunderajan
Silver Tears – Biswajit Chakraborty
Slain – Naresh Nathan

Best Metal Drummer

Bhayanak Maut – Rahul Hariharan
Demonic Resurrection – Virendra Kaith
Infernal Wrath – Prashant “JP” Paradkar
Inner Sanctum – Abhinav Yogesh
Slain – Jared Sandhy

You can vote for the following categories on the Rolling Stone Metal Awards official Facebook Profile. Please find the polls on the left hand side of the page – http://www.facebook.com/rollingstone.metalawards

Best Metal Band


Best Metal Album


Best Metal Song


Polls close on 15th June, 2010. So you should start voting NOW. \m/.

  • Why is Another Vertigo Rush classified as metal? They could easily have added another metal album to the list instead of Murphy's Law.Something like Dynamite World or Abolishing the Obsolete System.

  • Vishnu

    And why can't we vote for Best Vocalist, Guitarist, etc?

  • Best Vocalist, Guitarist etc is jury awarded. No votes for that.

  • Voting for best metal drummer isn't there either.

  • I'm guessing best "musicians" are decided not on the basis of popularity alone, but also on the basis of technicality, playing ability, compositional skills etc. which an ordinary metal fan might not be able to judge correctly, so having a jury makes more sense…

  • Jesso

    Jp…. the best drummer… Jury shuldnt b havin a problm to sort dat out!!!!

  • karan

    i don't see how some of the guitarists can even be considered

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