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NMP CompilationNaktala Metal Pally (NMP) from Kolkata, has just released a compilation album in collaboration with national and international metal bands. The main idea behind starting this compilation album is to showcase the best underground music from the state of West Bengal alongside some of the acclaimed acts, nationally and internationally. The album is also aimed at providing an organized, professional platform to artists – which helps in bridging the gap between them and their targeted audience.

Naktala Metal Pally (or simply NMP) is an organization of bands in Kolkata (West Bengal) aimed at providing a stage and promoting indie bands in the state through various concepts. Naktala Metal Pally was formed in the year 2007 and has since then organized many concerts in Kolkata with a huge response from the targeted audience. The organization majorly promotes underground music to/from the state of West Bengal through various concerts. Recently the organization has been shaped up in a more dynamic manner and avenues like establishing an indie record label, social activities have been created.

West Bengal boasts of a strong fan following when it comes to band music (irrespective of the language) and vernacular bands in particular have a huge fan base. Unfortunately, there are but very few avenues for bands (vernacular bands in particular) to showcase their music on an organized and planned structure.

Naktala Metal Pally has started to work towards developing itself into a reputed indie record label and the first step is the album – ‘NMP Vol I’ which is aimed for the ever-increasing underground following that the state of West Bengal (mainly the city Kolkata) enjoys. The album boasts of some of the best underground bands from Kolkata – Amavasya, Rikterskale, Moshpit, Chronic Xorn & Kripa alongside the nationally famed 1833 AD (Delhi), popular acts like Powersurge & Satanik from Bangladesh and the famed GodSpit (Finland) and Dehumanize (France). The album consists of five Bengali bands and five English bands – reliving the concept that music is one language.

The album is set up for a free distribution in the state of West Bengal to create an awareness of the record label, music of the bands and the organization itself. There is a structured distribution channel set up through various deals with popular music related outlets and street teams who have dynamic plan of actions to reach the music to the new/interested ears.

In Kolkata, the official distribution channels of the album are the two most popular music-related destinations – Roland Music Pro (Prince Anwar Shah Road) and Vibration (Free School Street). There will be other distribution channels as well so that the major areas of the state are covered. Nationally, the compilation will be available from www.cdrack.in soon after the main launch event at Kolkata. The compilation will be priced at INR 150. The launch event takes place on the 31st of March at Roland Pro Music (Kolkata) with performances by Kripa, Chronic Xorn and Rikterskale. The online partner (Banglarocks) will help spread the EP all around West Bengal and Bangladesh. The European bands will also help spreading physical copies of the album through well known channels.

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