New outfit Eccentric Pendulum to release debut EP

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Eccentric Pendulum, the newest kids in the headbangers’ block came together in late 2008. These kids (well…not really)…(actually, they aren’t ‘new’ either) got together in a sort of experimental madness to conjure up some avant-garde progressive metal. Drummer Vibhas who also plays drums for Spitfire, Ashish who plays guitars for Inner Sanctum, Nikhil extracted from his previous band Assylum and bassist/lyricist Arun who used to play for Extinct Reflections make up Eccentric Pendulum.Now, talking about this avant-garde classification of their music, the band believes that mixing of several genres has always been a fancy for them. This happens in their own space and time, with no pressure or genre/sub-genre issue what so ever. To quote bassist Arun, “We’ve spent a considerable amount without making a single buck with gigs to get this new CD cut…The recording for the debut EP of our new venture is nearing its end”.

The EP will be called The Sculpture Of Negative Emotions . So far the recording of drum, bass and guitar tracks and vocals have been completed. Only the keys remain which will be played by guest musician Dheeru. The final mix is expected to be out in another two weeks. This EP will be on sale from February 2009 and will cost a mere 50 bucks. The band says that they want to deliver quality both in music and packaging.The artwork has been done by Alex Eckman Lawn (also featured on bands like Arsis, Terminal Function and Hacride).

The EP, as of now has 5 tracks. Three full songs, one instrumental and one sample outro.
The band thanks Spitfire, Asylum, Extinct Reflections, Inner Sanctum, Stond and Myndsnare.

Headbangers India will always support new bands and work for the expansion of the Indian metal scenario.

Here’s wishing the guys good luck. You can check out the band here (http://profile.myspace.com/eccentricpendulum). For other updates on Eccentric Pendulum, keep checking Headbangers India.

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