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It’s a good time for independent musicians in India, with their talent being discovered by various sources in and outside the country! MySpace, known for its continuous association with music, have just launched Music Central- a platform for all non-film music talent.

An amalgamation of all genre artists from around the country, Music Central aims at promoting existing big names, introduce newer musicians, and in general, provide the push that most of the artists in our little sector need. Hopefully, this should get the music noticed and draw the attention of record companies too (There’s no harm in being a little ambitious, right?).

MySpace recently kicked off their concept of ‘Secret Shows’ in India, three years after its original inception in England. Motherjane and Scribe performed at Mumbai last week, but there will be more of these concerts in the future. Music Central will also give you the chance to choose your artists on their ‘Secret Face Off’ section of the site.

With how things are going so far, we hope that Indian independent musicians needn’t complain about the lack of exposure anymore. Keep your fingers crossed.