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Nathaniel School of MusicBangalore based music school Nathaniel School of Music will be conducting a full day workshop on the 20th of February, featuring some of India’s most popular musicians. Called ‘Music Mechanics’, the workshop aims at covering instrumental training, vocals, plus songwriting, the business and stage presence.

‘Music Mechanics’ will feature Bruce Lee Mani, Jason Zachariah, Gaurav Vaz, Ryan Colaco and Naveen Thomas. You can hear them play, talk, teach you techniques, confess their motivations and tell you why and, more importantly, how they do what they do.

The workshop begins at 9am and goes on till 7pm on Saturday, the 20th of February, 2010 at Cathedral High School, 63 Richmond Road, Bangalore.

It costs Rs.600 for a full day.

Here’s a list of what you’ll see at the workshop:

Speed King: A session on shred guitars
Exercise to Improvise: Improvisation concepts and exercises
Blaze in Keys: Performance keyboard techniques
Music.biz: All about the business of music
Vox: Techniques to improve your vocal skills
The Showman: Learn to present yourself with confidence and poise on stage
Digital Music School: Music technology and production in a nutshell
Beat-Roots: Rudiments of drumming
Song Writing: Get a peek into the mind of the composers

For more information, you can contact the following numbers:
+91 99869 94707
+91 98806 30535
+91 98454 65411
or send them an email to [email protected]

For more information about the school, visit www.nathanielschool.com

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