Meshuggah join elite line up of bands for GIR 2010

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Swedish Extreme Metal giants Meshuggah join this year’s increasingly popular line up for The Great Indian Rock Festival. They will be playing along side Norwegian bands and Purified and Enslaved,and Tesseract from the UK. The intensity has certainly gone up a notch with their inclusion as everyone waits for this spectacle, so make sure you don’t miss it!

  • Samin Bakshi

    WHAT DATE IS GIR >?!?!?!?!<

  • poobesh


  • nikhil

    oh fuck!! this is unbilibili!!

  • Meshuggah in Delhi in the midst of December. I hope you people have a blast. 😀

  • AgniV

    My blood and broken bones will be all over that moshpit

  • Dhruv Bhutani

    OMFG ! Meshuggah in India ! GIR , Delhi… i cannot wait for you guys !

  • BassiD

    Ah tell me TesseracT and Meshuggah are playing on the same day, please!

  • Just great. Four over hyped bands to make the 13 year olds go weak at the knees.

  • Andrew Lu

    @MMorpheus. Don't come for the show. No ones going to miss you anyway. To quote Eddie Murphy," If you don't like it, then get the fuck out."

  • BassiD

    I agree with Andrew.

  • @ Andrew Barrymore – How can I get the fuck out when I haven't even gone to the show yet asswipe? What makes you think I'm even attending?

    @Bassidiot – Please stand next to Andrew at the concert and hold on to his willie.

  • Andrew Lu

    @Morpheus: Cool. Don't come then. Wow, you really are one insecure child. Anyway i don't like spewing shit on the internet. If you live in Delhi, I work in RSJ, you're welcome to settle this "argument" over some good old fisticuffs.

    If you don't live in Delhi then well, you're shit out of luck and I'm out of people to lay a beat down on.

    So long keyboard warrior.

    Andrew out.

  • Andrew Lu

    @Morpheus. you don’t speak your mind. you attack without provocation. And that is not speaking your mind. You are what i call an agitator, and I’ve met wayyy too many kids like you through the course of my life. You sir, probably live in your parents house still mooching off them and dont really have much of a life, no girlfriend, fucked up job etc and therefore resort to attacking people, bands, etc on the internet because that makes you feel better. Does it make you feel more like a man??

    And so what if i am an alpha male, does that make me any less intelligent because i refuse to engage in anonymous arguments with a child? anyway, as far as the larger schemes of things is concerned who cares right?? I’m not going to accuse you of being a pussy. I believe anyone has the right to refuse an asswhipping. Thats just how it goes. And of course kicking the shit out of a snooty brat like you will make me feel better, it always does.

    anyway, fuck this. you are an insignificant blip.

    Jesus…i cant believe i wasted so much time on this ..I actually have a life.

  • @ Kung Fu Andrew

    Oh the typical alpha male. Always looking to prove a point with his fists. Tell me, does that really make you feel more of a man?

    I'm sure your response will be something along the lines of 'You're such a pussy. Fight me if you dare' or some such nonsense followed by bouts of mule like laughter.

    Just for the sake of argument I really would like to know what you would prove by actually fighting me. Let's say you win and you beat me to a pulp. What then?

    Do you brag to your friends about it to get your ego massaged?

    Do you make it public on the net to show everyone what a tough guy you are?

    Will you sleep better at night because you beat someone up from a website who actually speaks his mind unlike the rest of the sheep?

    In the end no matter what your answer is it won't matter because it will still be completely insignificant in the grand sceheme of things.

  • * Cue idiotic responses, dumb jokes and a flood of people who 'know better' *

  • Mr. Andrew LLoyd Webber

    Let me clear something up for you

    1) You say I attack without provocation? Well please point out who exactly I 'attacked' on this topic? Was it you? Was it anyone in particular? Please go through the comments once again and maybe then you should explain why you got so offended by what I said?

    2) I'm quite sure you haven't gone through all my posts on this site. If you did you wouldn't make such a cliched generalisation of what my social status must be. If anything I'm actually giving this site an incredible number of hits because everyone and his dog wants to take a swipe at me. Tell me what have you contributed to this site apart from a couple of sheep like posts?

    3) It's funny you mention you have a life yet you came back to reply to the comments of an 'insignificant blip'. Well done.

  • saumya

    AWESOME..cant wait for them.but some please tell me where all r they playing??
    I hope Enslaved n Meshuggah r on da same day.

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