Lacuna Coil to headline Kingfisher Octoberfest

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OctoberfestEvery year, the Kingfisher Great Indian Octoberfest gets bigger and better! The 2010 edition of the event is going to be headlined by Lacuna Coil, and co-headlined by De Profundis.

The Great Indian Octoberfest will happen from the 22nd to the 24th of October, 2010, at the Palace Grounds, Bangalore. The rest of the line-up (of the acts we’d be interested in) is still to be revealed. But we’ll keep you updated, so watch this space.

For other details, log on to www.kingfisherworld.com

  • Mac N Cheese

    this is kickass!

  • Wycked Mynd

    This is gonna be killer… now i gotta get there.. Totally awesome… Up Horns

  • Vishal


  • iKib

    How does a band apply for the fest?

  • Dash

    Awesome !!Bangalore needs some metal ! not to mention hot metal chicks . .

  • Adarsh

    She’s not hot anymore,she’s put on weight and aged quite a bit 😛

  • Dash

    Aah who cares. She’s still a metal chick 🙂

  • Nikhil

    Awesome! I Love Cristina! And her Voice too 😛 !

  • Khushal b

    Its really sick it keeps happening in Bangalore. Sick congress government in Mumbai aint keeping the entertainment tax low. Thats the reason.

    Bangalore is pretty expensive if I have to travel from Mumbai to Bangalore.

    Example :-

    Taxi start their fair from Rs 500 in Bangalore. Auto guys are the biggest chors in Bangalore. As the airport has been shifted to reach to the main city there is only a Volvo service and their cost is Rs 150.

    Advantage in Mumbai :-
    Taxi’s and Auto’s are regularized. We have trains just with minimum fair of rs 12 we can travel from town to subarbs.
    With Rs 150 we can travel from Mumbai to Pune.

    Concert keeps happening in Bangalore and how often can we travel there. We’ll be on road every now and then if we have to travel to Bangalore from Mumbai.

  • Sarvajeet

    Banglore is the undisputed metal city of INDIA m/

    Stay sic and keep it brutal,


  • bitam


  • @ Khushal – You can always NOT come. Sit in Mumbai and go round and round in your taxis.

  • Khushal b

    Morpheus that was very unkind, but I wouldn't like to argue with you on this. God Bless You.

    I have been to mostly all the metal shows that have happened across India which I doubt you must have including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and all the major shows that happen in Mumbai too, we recently had Porcupine Tree play here. Anyway I care less about Lacuna Coil although it would have been better if they had a show here in Mumbai too. They are not a band I would come specially to see in Bangalore.

    And there's no doubt for anyone who comes from far off to Bangalore it ends up very expensive for him. I don't know why people in Bangalore enjoy in ripping people from other parts of India, Language is what they take advantage of which is not right. No facility to travel, this is some of the basic issues that I hope its addressed.

  • Addressed by whom uncle? Shouldn't you be complaining to the government instead of crying on a music website? Here's an eye opener. Auto wallas and event organisers don't read Headbangers.in

  • Khushal b

    Bangalore cannot be an international city unless it has huge infrastructure and it even lacks the basic infrastructure. Only IT guys having companies doesn't make it the best city even though you might be living there.

    As far the rock scene is concerned it very good out there but I care about the genuine fans and not posers like you.

    As far as government is concerned I do my bit by voting and I doubt you would have ever practiced the right to voting as it appears from your attitude.

    It doesn't take time for the scenario to change, not pretty keen to see Lacuna coil either. Hope you have fun. I would just say grow up and hey by suggesting me uncle its pretty clear your immature. Grow up Bete!! LOlzzz

  • This is Great except for De Profundis, could have got someone better

  • DJ


  • leonard

    please let me know of the other bands that are gonna play on 24th..

  • leonard

    sure kryptos will play and i am more intrested in watching kryptos play then lacuna coil… ill be there to watch kryptos…meet ul there

  • Shubha

    When is this FEST in Delhi?????????

  • saumya

    y Lacuna Coil…they suck big time.Im sure guys will go for it only because of
    Christina, being a girl in da metal scene.

    i think Shillong should be the metal city of India and not b’lore…there is more exposure in Shillong regarding metal music.

  • Bangalore needs some really heavy fking metal. \m/

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