Kryptos announce Coils Over India Tour

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Kryptos will embark on a massive country wide tour of India in support of their upcoming third album ‘The Coils of Apollyon’, which is scheduled for release in October 2011. The tour will cover 30 cities over 40 days and will be the longest and largest tour of the country by any metal band in the history of the Indian metal scene. The band will travel in a fully customized bus along with a complete sound and lighting rig as well as a 14 man crew in what will be an unprecedented event that will bring the power of heavy metal to all corners of the country.
The tour will begin in Bangalore where Kryptos will launch ‘The Coils of Apollyon’ on Oct 29th and will then continue to move from the south to the north and back down again. The band will cut through all major Indian cities as well as breaking new ground in cities that have yet to witness the full force of heavy metal.

Long live the old school!!!

The tour dates for the Coils Over India Tour 2011 are

Date City

OCT.29 Bangalore

NOV.01 Mysore

NOV.02 Manipal

NOV.03 Belgaum

NOV.04 Goa

NOV.05 Pune

NOV.06 Mumbai

NOV.07 Nasik

NOV.08 Surat

NOV.09 Ahmedabad

NOV.10 Jodhpur

NOV.11 Jaipur

NOV.12 Delhi

NOV.13 Noida

NOV.14 Chandigarh

NOV.17 Lucknow

NOV.18 Kanpur

NOV.21 Kolkata

NOV.22 Kharagpur

NOV.23 Bhubaneswar

NOV.24 Rourkela

NOV.27 Warangal

NOV.28 Hyderabad

NOV.29 Vijaywada

DEC.01 Chennai

DEC.02 Pondicherry

DEC.03 Vellore

DEC.04 Trivandrum

DEC.05 Cochin

DEC.06 Coimbatore

DEC.08 Bangalore

Make sure you catch Kryptos in your city and be a part of this one of a kind phenomenon.

  • venon

    feels good to see kryptos going on knowing no bounds. Just curious whether you guys also would tour the north east next. sounds more fun. hoping to get a killer edge to travel along. i would like to see the band play all along man. I could follow the band in my car…i dunno how it sounds man, but hats off to you guys, i ve been noticing kryptos for a very long time now, met noelen a couple of times at styx, “when u guys used to hang around”!! cheers!! kill it! all the best!!!

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