Introducing: Please Disrupt

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Please DisruptWe all remember college for our first jams, our first bands, our first fans, and for some, even the first dose of metal. Here’s another college band that has accomplished far more than any of us ever did back then, when we were supposed to be studying. Introducing ‘Please Disrupt’ from Manipal, Mangalore. They recently brought out an EP as well, so Headbangers India decided to catch up with them for a little rendezvous. Excerpts…
HB: How did Please Disrupt come together?

Please Disrupt (PD): Please Disrupt came together in college as all of us used to stay in the hostel together. Just a need to make music whilst in college brought us all together.

HB: Tell us about the scene in Manipal. How good/bad is the reception for a metal band?

PD: The scene in Manipal is alright. Not bad in the sense that there’s a lot of talent out there but most of it is directed towards crowds that are into Metallica and Maiden and Megadeth. In other words, a lot of Kids out there are into commercial metal bands, but there are a handful of bands out there that are into more underground acts

HB: And the style of your music is…

PD: Our styles have varied quite a lot over the years. We take most of our inspiration from acts like LoG, Max Cavalera, Arch Enemy, CoB, Megadeth, Black Emperor, Death, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Motorhead.

HB: How can people get themselves a copy of the new EP/ album?

PD: People can log onto our facebook fan page and place an order through us along with their location and mailing address and we will deliver it to them.  At the moment the album is on sale in Bangalore, Mangalore, Bombay, Kuwait, UAE and USA and in Bahrain.

HB: What is the response you’ve got so far regarding the album?
PD: The response in our hometown of Mangalore has been quite good. We’ve almost sold out about 75% of our albums. So business is going good, so to say.

HB: College bands usually last only as long as the members graduate. What about Please Disrupt? Planning to carry it on?

PD: At the moment three members including myself have graduated from college and have moved away from the rest of the band either to other cities or countries but we’ve vowed to carry on with our original lineup by committing whatever holidays or leaves we get from work to make this band more than a phase of college life.

HB: What’s lined up for the band in the coming few months? Any gigs, album promotions?

PD: As for album promotions, we’ve just completed shooting a video for one our songs on the album and plan on releasing it to the local pubs in Mangalore so that it can be played on weekends there. We plan on having two shows in the month of November in Mangalore to promote our album as well. We plan on getting some new bands from Mysore and Manipal to open for us at one of the gigs to give them some good exposure to the metal scene in Mangalore. We feel it’s our duty as one of the few old metal bands left in Mangalore to promote new acts and carry on the metal mantle.

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