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Presenting India’s first and only all metal podcast- POD 666! This Indian metal podcast (and some international too) has been brought to all us metalheads by Bleed Your Ears productions in association with Demonstealer Records.

Check the podcast out for yourself here: http://www.pod666.mypodcast.com

Subscribe to POD 666’s RSS feed on: http://pod666.mypodcast.com/rss.xml

POD 666 features:

1. New episodes every Saturday and Sunday

2. Each episode will include 3 songs from Indian bands

3. Each episode will include 1 or 2 songs from your favourite international metal bands as well

4. You can even request for songs to be on the podcast and that song will be played on the next episode of the podcast with your name announced in the episode.

5. You can download the episodes you listen to from the podcast page itself. You can even download the whole season of 16 episodes once it ends (The torrent/ Rapidshare link will be provided).

Bands that want their music played, or anyone else who has other queries can contact POD 666 at: [email protected]

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