Indian Metal On The Metal Hammer Compilation CD

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Metal HammerLooks like the ‘Global Metal’ documentary has really opened up doors to bands from across the world, yes, including India. The next big thing for the scene at the moment, is that some of our boys are going to be featured on the compilation CD that’s coming out along with a special mini-magazine issue of Metal Hammer.
Called ‘Planet Metal’, the CD contains 15 tracks from bands from India, Iran, Egypt, Mexico,Vietnam and many other places where the world thinks metal doesn’t exist. Indian bands who’ve made it to the compilation are Bhayanak Maut and Undying Inc. Congratulations fellows!

Other bands on the CD include Myrath from Tunisia, Black Infinity from Vietnam, Farzad from Iran, Daycore from Colombia, Infection from Peru, Scarab from Egypt, Terraseria from Mexico, Bilocate from Jordan, Agro from South Africa, the Crushing Coffins from Japan, Fatal Fear from South Korea, Hate Fusion from Argentina and Sexto Sonar from Venezuela.

The ‘Planet Metal’ CD comes free with the upcoming special issue of Metal Hammer.

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