Independence Rock 2009

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Independence Rock– another sought after competition, is back to compete with GIR and Eastwind this year as well.

After the wet prelims in some cities and the ‘there-has-to-be-one-shitty-band-in-every-competition’ acts, we’re down to the regional finalists who will compete against each other at the finale in Mumbai.

Pune: Abraxas

Bangalore: Inner Sanctum

Delhi: Seize Her

Kolkata: Gravy Theory

The 30th of September and the 1st of October will see the Mumbai regional finals, and following that, on the 2nd and 3rd of October, we will witness the clash of the titans- all the regional winners will compete with each other for the big title.

Headlining acts for I-Rock 2009 include:

Demonic Resurrection
Bhayanak Maut
Silver (Last year’s winners)

As usual, the website is not updated. We’re here to give you the details you may require. Anyway, just for formality’s sake, here’s the link to their official website: