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Headbangers RSJHeadbangers India is proud to announce that we, along with our dear friends at Indian Rock Mp3, have been ranked at #5 on this month’s issue of RSJ (Rock Street Journal) for best initiatives in music.

Here’s raising a toast to this small, but still significant achievement for the team at Headbangers India, and its mission to support Indian metal. Thanks team at RSJ for appreciating our work. Cheers!

  • Congrats. Keep up the good work.

  • Reynah

    Super!!! =)

    So happy for Vilu and Subbu!


  • Dhruv

    Great Job guys,. now help me out , I am new to mumbai and looking for a pro-semp pro metal heads who can help in recording some Hindi Metal/Nu Metal Stuff, any phone no. , email address or any studio contact details will be greate help .. My contact no. is 9209005883

  • Get in touch with The Demonstealer for anything in Mumbai.

  • hammerfest festival which is goin to held on 4th June, we have to buy tickets before only or at the event itself Can you please explain. Tnanking you in advance.

  • @Nelson- You can pick up your ticket at the venue on the day of the event itself.

  • Sir, one more query I have that is the ticket which is of Rs. 200 is it really 200 because I heard from someone that it is Rs. 1000 per head. Can you please tell me What is the real cost? Thanking you in advance

  • What a joke of an award. That list is a damning indication of how poor our scene really is. 3 music sites with mediocre reviews and poor content slot in at #5. That should tell you all about this scene.

    Oh and I also forgot censoring of critical comments. So much for freedom of expression.

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