Grey And Saurian 2010 Compilation CD available now!!

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Grey And SaurianGrey And Saurian, the relatively new Indian metal record label have released an 11 track CD featuring artists such as Bhayanak Maut, Amogh Symphony, Scribe and Artillerie. And it’s just a hundred bucks! Delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in India. For getting the CD, contact [email protected] .The full track list is as follows.

Track list –
1. Bhayanak Maut – Blasted Beyond Belief
2.The Circus – Japanese Rebellion
3. Scribe – RSVP
4. Undying Inc – Breeding Gods
5. Artillerie –Temple Of Zeus
6. Myndsnare – Changing Skins
7. 1833 AD – Inheritance Evil
8. Infernal Wrath – The Destruction Of The Third Temple
9. Amogh Symphony – Vectorscan
10. Acrid Semblance – Mindgames
11. IIIrd Sovereign – Sarcophaga

Courtesy G&S blog

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