Great Indian Rock Festival 2009

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This 2009, we’re about to watch the thirteenth edition of The Great Indian Rock Festival.

The bands that will headline the festival are:


They are a progressive metal “mathcore” band from Norway. They’ve apparently already received a Norwegian Grammy nomination, despite being pretty new.


A band that blends hard rock, acoustic and metal elements, these guys have worked with the producer of Breaking Benjamin and Marylin Manson, and also seem to be doing pretty well on the New Zealand music charts.


They come with a promise of bringing in a new genre of metal, and their album was supposedly among the most anticipated releases of 2008.

The schedule is as follows:

New Delhi –
24th & 25th October, Hamsadhwani Open Air Theater

Bangalore –
25th October, Palace Grounds

Pune –
23rd October – Oasis

Kolkata –
24th October – Nazrul manch

Entry: Rs. 250/- per day

The unknown bands are quite a disappointment this year. At least if we’d seen a familiar (if not ‘big’ name), there would’ve been some level of excitement. But GIR has failed to create the initial enthusiasm this time. How good the bands will be is left for us to decide later on, and only if we’re willing enough to watch some new acts.

If you’re on facebook, you can follow their updates about club dates and more. There’s no website we can direct you to, unfortunately.

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