Demonic Resurrection To Play At Brutal Assault

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Demonic Resurrection‘Brutal Assault’ is an Open Air metal music festival that happens every year in the Czech Republic. Over the years, it has featured bands like Rotting Christ, Testament, Dark Funeral, Evile and Marduk.

And for the 2010 festival, Mumbai based Black metallers Demonic Resurrection will share the stage with Cannibal Corpse, Devourment, Graveworm, Devin Townsend and a few others at the killer event.
Congratulations to the guys from Demonic Resurrection. Finally, a reward for the years of sticking together and playing some kickass metal!

And for the rest of us, hopefully this will open up the gates for Indian metal to make its mark in the international circuit. Raise the horns \m/

For more information, check this link.

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